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Originally Posted by k stiles View Post
okay so sort of as a summary: fill tank up, burrow a filter, and let sit for period of time, or am I not really getting this

thanks K stiles
You must understand that the cycling is done to develop good bacteria to process waste created by fish. This bacteria once it begins to develop,must have food or it will begin to become useless.
If borrowed material is placed in the tank and has been kept wet during transport in aquarium water (not tapwater) then it will be alive and will need waste from the fish and or fish food to stay alive. To place the material in the tank and leave it for a while with no food (fish food, fish poop) It will begin to die within a day or less depending upon the amount of borrowed material.
Think of the bacteria (good kind)as a squirming mass of miocroscopic creatures that are constantly searching for food. They will starve without that food. That food is in the form of fish waste,and or the ammonia produced by all fish as they breathe and eat and poop. Is also why you should always clean the filter material in aqurium water or dechlorinated water. The chlorine in tapwater will kill a large part of this squirming mass of creatures.

Originally Posted by wallywestisthebest333 View Post
Thank you so much for posting this and thank you so much 1077 for your reply! =] So I'm assuming that you should buy, supply, and cycle your tank before you buy the fish. correct? =] and would a submersible filter and submersible heater be good choices for a 3 gallon or would they take up too much room??
Would always suggest the largest tank I had room and funds for. Ten gallons or five gallons as alternative, would be my choice as well as remaining more stable than smaller tanks.
Also results in happer fish and more room for filter and heater.
We really aren't doing Bettas any favors by keeping them in tanks smaller than five gallons. Read any aquarium book and this can be confirmed.

Originally Posted by New2Betas View Post
1077 - I thought you could do a fishless cycle with ammonia drops and an old filter from an established tank. Am I wrong?

You can if you like. However,,If filter material that is borrowed has been kept wet in aquarium water(not tapwater) during transport to your tank from friends tank,then once in the tank, one or two small fish would serve to feed the bacteria on the borrowed material and drops of ammonia wouldn't be needed.

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cycle, cycling

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