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Need feedback on fin rot treatment plan

Hello, just got a white delta tail last weekend when I went to get my boys a betta and then I fell in love with this one.

When I got him, it seemed one of her fins was a little thinner in one spot and I thought I have to keep an eye on this to see if it is fin rot (I am newer to bettas and have not experienced this yet).

So brought my fish home and to make a long story short, it took two more days to get him in a tank because I bought and had to return two to Walmart as they were defective in the process.

Got fish in new tank, a five gallon Tetra tank that came with a Whisper filter. Put some silk plants in it.

I thought the current was a little fast for my fish but he seemed to be okay so I just planned on buying a new filter in next few weeks. The water is staying at 75 degrees. I have been watching it this week to see if I needed a filter. I hadn't since getting my first betta in the spring since we are in AZ but this is the first week it has been a little cooler and so it looks like I will need one.

So all of a sudden this morning, the fins on my little guy look bad. I tried attaching a pic but if it doesn't work, I will try to get it on here.

In looking on here, there can be many reasons for this and so I need to figure out how to treat and what to change. I don't want to change so much quickly and freak him out but I do want to make sure I change whatever is the reason for the rot.

This is my thoughts: take in water sample to make sure it is not way off, get new filter (deco art nano), heater (hydor mini) and do about a 50% water change and put a little warmer water in to help raise it closer to 80 degrees.

What medicine do you recommend? Is it different based on cause? Also should I add some aquarium salt?

All my bettas have been eating Nutrafin Max a flake and worm mixture. My first betta ended up liking it after having problems with pellets.

I would appreciate any feedback. Am I on the right track? What medicine, anything else you would do or not do... Is it sometimes a little harder to notice if an all white fish is stressed or if something is wrong? On my girl, she gets lighter and stripped right away so I can figure out what the problem is and fix it immediately.

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I would try doing some salt baths and if that doesn't work, try using JFC.
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Yeah I am not really a fan of medications for anything other than a last resort. Keep the water squeaky clean (which should be easy in a 5g) and salt it. If it doesn't at least stop in a week, resort to meds.

PS. You can unscrew the incandescent in the Water Wonders 5.5 and switch it for a Hagen Life-Glo 15w screw in CFL if you want to try growing some low-light plants.

I also recommend a 25w heater for a 5.5g. I am running a Hagen Elite Submersible 25w in mine.
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I would try Jungle Fungus Eliminator.
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For Medicating a betta with fin rot, I would use 1 Teaspoon of Aquarium Salt per gallon and keep his water VERY clean. If that doesn't work, Try Maracyn 2 or JFC or try Maracyn and Maracyn 2 together.
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