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Old 01-12-2014, 10:06 AM   #41 
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My dogs are great with crates, looking into pinch collars for the humans. The tops of crates are good for storage, one has a bin of dog food, another has my wife's hair doodads, the third has newspaper & cardboard to go out in the garbage. They've always seemed more comfortable with something over the top of the crates, may as use that to my advantage.
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Reference Team
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Our two oldest can stay out unsupervised in the kitchen area (it has a baby gate across the doorway) and you will get home and nothing will be touched.

Our youngest however will usually find something to chew up or pull down off the bench so she is normally in the crate.

We never crate trained until we got this lot of dogs, and at least based on what I have seen it seems a lot more popular over in America. However, I would never not crate train a dog now. It definitely made potty training a lot easier and less messy.
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I found young dogs to chew a lot then i found out they were just teething so unless if the dog is a year older you have to really train him
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There was one episode with a Maltese type dog where Ceasar came in and the dog was like drinking water for ten minutes to avoid contact with him... All I remember is at the end he admitted that his theories do not work for every type of dog. ;p
There was also another one where he could not help a fear based dog no matter what he tried (he spent months working with the dog). And he was pretty much babying the thing by the end of it. Which even though it was sad for the dog I appreciated it because I have similar issues with my current dog. xD

We never crate trained any of our dogs either. I always did a similar method that Jaysee used. If I know the dog likes to chew shoes, I would bring shoes to the dog and then spend time discouraging the dog from touching these things.
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