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Snail Eggs??

Well, this isn't really an emergency of such, but i don't know whether it could cause a problem. The other day i noticed a sack with what looked like 'dots' inside it on the side of my filter. I read upon this and found that these were snail eggs (I have a snail in my tank). After finding this one, i checked upon my tank yesterday and found yet another sack on the side of my ornaments!

Has anyone had any baby snails? Do they pose a threat to my Betta and neons?

I do have some anti-snail in case it gets out of control, but i thought i could just hand pick the snails out of the tank. Thanks.
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If you are not overfeeding they will not overpopulate the tank. I have a stable 'colony' in my 10g. I pick the odd one out and feed it whole to my loach or crush it and feed it to my betta or community fish. Every once in a while I clear about 50 out of the tank and give them away as puffer food.

If you want to clear them out just take the egg cases out and look for more, as well as the snail who laid them.

EDIT: If you only have 1 snail they are probably duds. Even hermaphoditic snails need another snail to fertilise the eggs.
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I found three in my tank last night, I'm going to have the same problem as you but I have 4 snails to start with.
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Thats why I don't have live plants.
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Old 11-26-2009, 06:33 PM   #5 
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I have some snails come on my live plants in my 29 gallon tank and they would not stop breeding and destroyed my plants...then I put my betta in the tank and he proceeded to eat the baby snails lol. If you don't have live plants I don't see a problem besies them over populating like crazy...then you can just take out the eggs if you don't want more snails.
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