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My guy is in a 16 gallon and is happy as can be! He has no trouble reaching the top of the tank and my tank is a taller 'show' tank. If you can, get a 29 long tank instead of a taller 'show' tank though. The more surface area you can get, the better. I didn't know that when I got mine. More surface area = more oxygen for fish.

For mates, I have corydoras catfish and they get along very, very well with my guy. They eat sinking pellets though, so wouldn't eat the same sort of food. I'm sure you'll get other suggestions. My ghost shrimp are also fine with my betta but I've heard of the betta eating the shrimp when it molts.

Every betta is different. Yours may not get along well with others. Sadly, you won't know that until you try but you can help by making sure there are LOTS of plants and hiding space in your tank where everyone can get a little privacy.
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I'd like to add ot iheartmyfishies post :
Your betta may be stressed by being removed but may be more stressed by the vacuum, so you can cup him instead of leaving him in, if that's what he likes. Good luck with your new one!
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I think you should start a betta sorority if you can.
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Originally Posted by iheartmyfishies View Post
I think you should start a betta sorority if you can.
The problem with Betta sorority that I heard on this site is that sometimes, the Betta fight each other. Or one of them is aggressive toward the other. Then you have to take her/them out of the tank. And if I have to place them in other thanks afterward, then what was the point of getting a large aquarium in the first place. Plus, I kind of like the idea of diversifying the life in the aquarium. Had I been more experienced in aquariums, I would place live plants in it. The only hick in diversifying is that I have to give them different food. That means different feeders when I am gone for a spell. And they don't come in cheap. I don't know yet if I can afford all of that.

By the way, iheartmyfishies, did I see a live frog in one of your aquariums? And did you use sand in the bottom of that aquarium? Is it hard to clean all that sand?
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