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Stress Coat and Prime?

Is it ok to use Stress Coat and Prime both at the same time when I do a water change or is that being wasteful. I know they're both dechlorinators but I want to also treat my bettas fins. Would I be overdosing to use both? Thanks for your help.
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Stress Coat is a water conditioner that if you believe the company line " contains Aloe Vera to help heal damaged fins. The formula also forms a synthetic slime on your fish that helps reverse the effects of stressors like handling, fish fighting and shipping. The conditioner also helps make tap water safe for your fish" and Seachem's Prime pretty much does the same thing without all the hype. I myself use Prime I have very little faith in Stress Coat. I refuse to use products that you can't find out what's in it.

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Ok, thanks. Do you feel the Prime is enough to heal ragedy fins or would you recommend something other than Stress Coat? My fish is very healthy just has torn fins and I was going to try to heal them.
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Unless your fish has a rampant infection (causing fin rot) Prime and regular water changes ought to be enough. :)

I actually like Stress Coat for new fish. I have seen it make a difference in fish changed to new tanks. It's not 'essential' (prime is, for me!) but I find it a decent product for fish's first few days, or after a shock of some kind. Not so much for diseases.

Try Prime + very clean water for a couple weeks. New fin growth looks clear or pale.

If that doesn't work, or the fins start looking very dark and/or raggedy at the ends, that's when I'd look at meds for bacterial issues.

Mild cases can sometimes respond to a few days' treatment with Aquarium salt. But, as I've had fin rot progress incredibly quickly and be a symptom of a much worse illness that salt doesn't help, these days I prefer clean water -- then meds. No messing about, I hit the germs hard before they get worse and observe good quarantine practises (learned the hard way..). This seems to work okay for me and my fish.
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Thanks for the advise. Since my betta is healthy, I'll just stick to the Prime and do more frequent water changes for his fins. I appreciate everyone's advise.
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It is fine to use both together.I use Prime as my water conditioner but also add a little Stress Coat if my boys ever have a split in their fins (which the long finned boys can do now & then) and I have always found Stress Coat to works extremely well & straight away.I love it.
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