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Indy needs your help... And so do I!

I've made a post on this sight already asking about white belly, the people here told me, after I described to them what my fish was acting like, they said it was most likely just from stress, and a good, calm night would help. They were right! Except after a little white his belly was white again! I did some research on the subject and found out that white belly is caused by to much ammonia in the water. (Right?) I learned that ammonia builds up very fast in small tanks. (I had a 1 gallon with no filter and a little mini heater made for small tanks) So I bought a nice big 5 gallon tank! (Man those things are expensive!) The tank has a working filter but no heater. (Any recommendations for a good heater for a 5 gallon?) my fish seamed to be fine, but that darn white belly came back again! His belly isn't swollen, just white. He also seems to be swimming down the side of the glass very fast, as if he's trying to get something. I am pretty worried. Should I be? Please help!!!
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Never heard of a white belly before, (will look that up later) but the skimming back and forth on the glass, we call that glass surfing. I thought that there was something wrong with my boy when he did that but a lot of people say that is normal. I would just keep his tank clean and make sure to buy a API kit for monitoring the ammonia levels.

I hope other people can help ya out. ^^
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You can with a 25W adjustable heater but to be safe go with a 50W since it will not have to work as hard to keep the temp right where you want it.

Sorry I can't be of much help with the 'glass surfing'
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is his belly big? he could be bloated because thats what happens when he is overfed.
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His belly is not big just white
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How long he has white belly? Did you see his poop? Check on his poo and make sure its normal color and now white,clear stringy wormy looking which will indicate internal parasites.
How long you have your betta?
How much % and how often you did his water changes?
Any behavior changes at all?
How much water changes you doing for his new tank?
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