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My little guy is really sick

I have a little guy in his own little Taj Mahal, 1 gallon, by himself, heater, filter (carbon currently out). I'm an experienced fish dad, but this is my first Betta, I rescued him from the store in a half empty plastic cup, and now I'm a mess over him (worried).

He currently has greyish/white spots and is extremely distressed, including now basically resting on the bottom of his tank. From everything I've read and photos looked at, I beleive its Columnaris, but we all second guess. The store I purchased him said Ick, its not ick, I know Ick, but I treated him for that with zero results. I've also treated his tank with Jungle Binox with zero results as well.

I've been changing water regularly, adding aquarium salt. I fear he I'm going to lose him, but I want to try whatever is required of me. I beleive all animals deserve 110% of what we can give them, down to the smallest fish. I would really appreciate any ideas and/or treatment ideas at this point. I really don't want to lose him.

Thank you for any help! Gerry
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Hmmm. I'm not sure what that is. I'd definitely add Aquarium Salt and do at least 30% water change everyday.
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Clean the tank religiously. You will need to do 100% water changes every 2-3 days in a 1g. Until he gets better, change the water daily. Be sure to match the temperature of the old water to the new water so he doesn't go into shock. You can do this by conditioning the water out of the tap rather than aging it.

For treatment go to the store and pick up Maracyn and Maracyn 2. Together they treat a broad spectrum of gram positive and gram negative bacteria. They come as a powder in packets that treat 10g each, so dilute them with water and dose them with a baby syringe. Make sure you re-add the initial amount when you change the water. Keep the filter in but don't put the carbon in it. Best of luck!

And treat him ASAP cause columnaris is a very aggressive bacteria.
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Kelly528 said it perfectly. Good luck with your little guy. Let us know how he does.
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Yes I was told that carbon takes and keeps the meds your trying to give to your fish, that's why my little guy Jasper never got better from his fin rot.
The girl at the store ( she was awesome, looks like she knew what she was doing) told me that about the carbon filters and recommended I switch to a foam cartridge for the while I'm treating him (I'm not 100% sure what foam does but she said it gives back his medicine)
He's on the mend now *YaY*

So ya switch to foam, it will help.
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Hi. We had the same problem last month. Petco has a product by Tetra called Lifeguard. I added 1/2 a tablet to Sparkle's tank every day for 5 days and he got better!! We were planning his funeral.... He is so healthy and active now!!

Also - after adding the product several weeks ago, I have not tested or messed with the pH of the water at all. His water has been crystal clear for WEEKS!! I think I was making an unhealthy environment in the tank by playing with the pH.

Seriously - we thought he was a goner. This all-in-one treatment saved him.

Hope your fishy gets well soon!
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