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Yikes, please someone help! =(

Hi, everyone!
I have a quick question -- I'm new to this site.
But here's a quick little excerpt about my Betta before I go into anything-

I've had my female Betta for about a month now. Her name is Cleo. She's a fiesty little thing with a lot of personality! =) When I turn the light on, she usually knows that its time for her to eat, and she'll follow me around the top of the bowl. When I go to watch her she'll come to where I am, or she'll be a complete brat and turn the other way and wait until I leave to come towards the area where I was watching her.

The problem --
This morning before I left for work, she was active like she usually was. I fed her and wasn't home all day, for the most part. I came back home, and changed her water. I gave her a little bit of food around 7ish, and I noticed that she wasn't eating. Actually, the first thing I noticed that she didn't swim towards the top of the tank, or swim towards me when I turned the light on..So that was the red flag. I've been reading on other sites that she could possibly have a swim bladder disorder? She's mostly towards the top of the bowl right now, and only moves her fins when I move the bowl, or anything like that. The food I've been feeding her is BettaMin(flakes). There have been times where I've accidentally put too much food in her bowl...But she's always been a little piggy and has eaten it. I usually feed her twice a day.

A) What should I do?
B) Is she going to be okay?
C) Could someone give me a second opinion and make sure that she DOES have the swim bladder disorder? I could be wrong..Just want to double-check =)

Thank you so much for your help!
Sorry about the mini-novel...Just a little worried about Cleo =)
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Hello and welcoome to the forum. If she is floating on her side and can't swim to the bottom then she could have swimbladder disorder.She could also be constipated. I would change her diet to a good pellet food such as Hikari betta bio gold or Wardleys pellets. If she has swimbladder disorder, I would fast her for a few days then feed her daphnia, either freeze dried or frozen. Freeze dried needs to be rehydrated and frozen needs to be thawed before feeding. I hope this helps.
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I agree with the above.
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A) I would buy some aquarium salt and put in the recommended amount. Also feed her pellets (easier to control how much she gets) and consider fasting her for a day.
B) I think she'll be okay.
C) Doesn't sound like swim bladder but I'm not positive.

I agree with what Dramaqueen said also.
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swim bladder disorder?

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