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Unhappy Betta won't eat! Depression?

One of my 2 Betta fish recently died. He was about 2 and a half years old. WHen he was about 1 and a half I got my other fish. They were in seperate bowls near each other. He grew up knowing the older one and when he passed got really depressed and stopped eating. At first I thought it was stress since I had recently moved him to a warmer room for the winter but then i noticed he didnt have any stress lines or most stress symptoms. I got freeze-dried bloodworms which bettas are known to love but refuses them. Is this depression? Ive listed his symptoms.

-stays at one area at the bottom of bowl for 30 mins or until somebody comes into the room. (then he will swim away)

-will quickly swim away from a finger moving around the glass. Most betta fish will follow it.

-only goes to the top of bowl for air

-runs away from food pellet and ignores bloodworms

Is it only because he is full and constipated?
I got another betta to fill the deceased ones bowl and put it next to him.Whenever they each go to the side of the bowl and see each they show their beards and then just swim away. Will they eventually grow to like each other? If so, will that cure his depression. PLease answer fast because Im afraid that if he doesnt eat within a week he will die from hunger.

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Bettas don't like other bettas. Especially not two males. When they flare at each other, they are being aggressive and preparing to fight.

Whatever is wrong with your fish, it is not 'depression'.

For now, don't worry so much about him not eating - they can go for weeks without food. Is the water quality ok? Is it the right temperature? Does he have any other signs of illness?
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how is your water quality? I know I had a sick betta and then I changed the water and he got better.
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None of my bettas will eat freeze dried blood worms try frozen blood worms and cut out a piece and use tweezers or something to drop them in if you can get him to come to the surface once I bought the frozen my bettas love them. I would try and get some stress coat sometimes that helps and like isntanything and bettaloverhg said about your water quality I would check that out also and if there any other symptoms of illness? freeze dried foods could cause constipation frozen is always better
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I got her to eat some of them but to do so she bites it, spits it out, then eats it again. The next time I go to the pet store ill look for some stress coat :)
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