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Is this fin rot? Please help

I've had my betta's Diego(Blue) and Dante(Orange) for about 3 months in a divided 10 gallon tank. I saved them from a life as table decorations living in small bowls. Diego (the blue one) had mangled looking pectoral fins when I first met him but otherwise looked healthy.I don't recall any other fraying on his or Dante's fins 3 months ago. But over the last few weeks Diego's dorsal fin has been laying flatter and flatter and upon close inspection I can see an irregular edge along the top of his dorsal fin that looks like ( burnt edges?) Also, the tips of his tail fin and his dorsal fin seem stuck together. His tiny paddling fins ( not sure what they're called) seem thin at the edges. The other fish Dante ( the orange one) is bigger than Diego. His dorsal fin seems fine but shows dark edges and lines.His pectoral fins are now quite thin. His tail fins also look a bit stuck together at the tips and are uneven and frayed. His paddle fins also seem thin at the edges.
Diego constantly flares at Dante through the divider.
Other than that they are both active, have healthy appetites, have plenty of places to hide in when they want to. Blow lots of fluffy bubble nests.

I sanded all decorations before putting them in the tank.
Fake plants are "silk" and there are quite a few live plants in there and a Malaysian wood log to help soften the water a little.
Couple tiny snails hitchhiked in there on the live plants when I purchased them.
Just did a partial water change the other day and tested ph, ammonia, nitrites,nitrates and all are good. I bought some bettafix but chickened out on using it due to mixed reviews.
Do you think these symptoms are "clamped fin", "sticky fin", "fin rot", stress related?

tank is filled with pure UV treated Maui spring water.
No need for dechlorinator.
tank is heated consistently to 78
they eat New Life Spectrum Betta formula pellets ( about 4-6 a day)
pinch of blood worms once a week

Thank for your time, help and advice
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Yes but no. It's a very very minor rot (something that should heal itself) along with your water just being a teeny bit basic. (Like instead of acidic) so basic water yields thicker heavier fins. They should both heal fine and look perfect in a month or two so long as your water changes are more frequent
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WoW Really!!?? Thanks for the input Bikeridinguckgirl14 :) "Basic" water meaning Alkaline? Yes, my water is definitely Alkaline. I've also heard it referred to as "hard water". So no need salt water remedy? The tank is cycled so I'm just doing 25% water changes every month or so. How often do you think I should change the water? every week till they're all better?
Thank you again for your advice.
I love these lil guys and just want em to have the most pleasant life possible.

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Hi AngelFishy!

I personally would increase the water changes to 25% every week, even after they get better. They shouldn't need salt, but if you have easy access to Indian Almond Leaf that can help soften the water and the tannins released can be therapeutic for their fins. Otherwise I recommend 25% weekly changes, although I'm sure some will do even more.

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clamped fin, fin rot, sticky fin, stress

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