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Old 12-01-2009, 08:46 AM   #11 
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1st of all, welcome to betta forum! :)

don't feel bad, we all have to go through learning to get to where we end up.

about food, maybe you can try other freezedried (example-daphnia, brine shrimp, krill) or even frozen foods. they have a strong smell that might entice him.

there are water conditioners that remove chlorine, which can be harsh to fish, found at the petstore.

I would get a heater, yes. you said you wanted to get a 5 gallon? the heaters go by gallon size usually. In addition I would get a thermometer so you can monitor the temperature so it doesn't become too hot or too cold. I found personally that the stick on ones are no good compared to other kinds. as said above, 75-82 degrees is a good temp to keep the heater at.

I like filters, they help keep the water purer, but just make sure the flow of water isn't too harsh to sweep him across the tank all the time.

salt (aquarium salt- not the table stuff :P) can be used in small quantities in the tank if you want.

and if you want to cycle you can, but you don't HAVE to. just make sure you change the water frequently.

as said above again, they love plants and hiding places, since your boys fins are a bit ragged, you might want to get silk plants, which are soft against their fins, and smooth places to hides, as opposed to rough of course.

good luck! and I can't wait to see your changes, I am glad you found us! :)

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Old 12-01-2009, 08:47 AM   #12 
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Thank you for worrying about him and not just saying "Its just a fish, Whatever" :)
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Old 12-01-2009, 09:26 AM   #13 
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Good job on trying to find out how to properly care for him. And please don't feel bad we all had to learn none of us were born knowing how to take care of fish. ; ) A 5 gallon would be great and a heater will be needed because bettas like to be 78-80 degrees. My guys love the frozen foods even the ones that were picky and did not want the pellets at first would go after it. I give mine a variety of frozen foods, a flake food called Omega One Betta Buffet, and they like the brand of pellets that was mentioned before also. Good luck with cureing the fin rot and welcome to the forum.
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Old 12-01-2009, 03:31 PM   #14 
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Don't feel bad. You'll learn lots here and everyone here is super nice. :D

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Did anyone else notice that his tummy is a little big. Is she maybe overfeeding?
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Old 12-03-2009, 07:04 AM   #16 
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Red face

First, thank you everyone for your kind replies. I went out and purchased a few things (aquarium salt, bowl buddy tablets, a heather, therm, hiding rock and plant...). Set me back about $50 and I wasn't satisfied with any of the tanks they had, so that will have to hold off until I get paid and can go look elsewhere for a larger home. For the time being though this is his new set up:

I also haven't fed him for 2 days, I got a sample pack of the hikari pellets to try and combat his bloated belly I think I will try to give him 2 pellets or so tonight and monitor him the next few days.

I have a few more questions though:
1. I purchased the hydor mini heater for 2-5 gallon aquariums and it says it will raise the temperature aprox 5 degrees. I am going to stick it under the gravel next time I think but right now it is behind a non-plant (I will be buying some of those now too) but is it safe to be touching things in the tank? Can your fish be harmed if it touches it?

2. And on aquarium salt... how much would you use in a 1.5 gallon? It says one rounded off tablespoon for a 5 gallon, I am terrified I will put too much in.

3. Now that I know I need to do a lot more water changing.. when you say while he is in his 1.5 should I be COMPLETELY changing the water twice a week or only a half change once a week and then a full change once a week. I have decided and set an alarm in my phone that I will be completely changing all of the water every wednesday morning, so should I be doing anything else between wednesdays?


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Old 12-03-2009, 09:42 AM   #17 
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You did a great job! I'm going to be buying a couple hydor mini heaters, how do you like it so far? I just put in a little less than a 1/2 teaspoon of the aquarium salt in mine. I do complete 100% water changes on my 1.5G twice a week. While I do water changes, I take my fish out; some people choose to keep them in, but I move around the rocks on the bottom to get all the poop out because I don't have a vacuum to suck it up. It sounds like you're off to a great start! :)
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Old 12-03-2009, 11:01 AM   #18 
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The heater won't hurt him. My guy sometimes sleeps on his heater bracket and he's just peachy. And I've seen my snail cruising around on it with no troubles. If you touch it you can feel it's not really that hot.

Water changes should be twice a week, as said. Get yourself a thermometer so you can get the tap water to roughly the same temp as your tank water was with the heater. Less stress for everyone this way.
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