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Unhappy My fish is sick, PLEASE help!!

Hello Everyone! I am new to the site, and I need help or opinions, anything!! My betta has been acting very weird the past couple of days. He has hardly been moving at all. When he does, it is usually in very fast spurts to the surface and back down to the bottom, and it almost seems like he is chasing his tail(?) and jumps a little out of water. Mostly, he just lays on his side either all the way at the bottom of the tank or sometimes on his side at the surface. His color looks very dull, and his eyes are swollen and cloudy. One of his eyes is a lot bigger though. He looks like he keeps folding himself up to where his head is almost touching his tail. Sorry for the long post, I am just very worried!! Please help me! Thanks :)
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Sounds like he's really sick. I am not much help in this area. What size tank is he in? Is it heated? Clean water and temps around 78-80 help to keep a betta healthy.
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Popeye, ammonia poisoning and tailbiting ( due to anxiety).

Pretty much the only fix to these is to get him into a bigger tank (2.5g will do, 5g is way better) with a heater before you medicate him. Once he is in the right conditions, start him on a course of Maracyn and Maracyn 2. I know the people at the pet store probably told you that he will be just fine in a bowl cleaned once a week, but this is not the case as you can see. Bettas need clean water and prefer higher temperature than most tropical fish, so you will definitely need a heater.

Here is a very good resource:
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