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Getting a 29gal...plant suggestions? after struggling to make the 10gal work, I quit! lol those girls will forever nip in there.
So looking on craigslist I've found a couple 29 gals that come with filter/heater/hood and a couple with price was 75 and down...So I'm spending my afternoon checking those out.
Once I get it, thorough cleaning and then set up But I would like to put some live plants in there...any suggestions?? it wont be near a window so no natural light for the plants. All I have for live plants now is this one "betta bulb" from petco which has been growing fast and someday I will hopefully recieve those moss balls I ordered from ebay lol
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It has a hood right? If so, you'll need a florescent bulb or a plant bulb. They don't cost much.

For a sorority, I HIGHLY recommend Hornwort! A hardy plant, and it is great when free floating. Gives great cover for the girls. Grows like a WEED!!!

Also some Java Fern would be great! If you go to Fishforum, ask Byron.. I think that is his name. He knows like.. everything about plants. :)
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yes byron is THE plant guru.

make sure u get a full spectrum least 1-2 watts per gallon...plants will thrive in that light. aquarium lights should be replaced every 6 months. even though the bulb will still work they lose alot of their brightness output (kelvin rating) within that time.

wisteria is easily grown and bettas LOVE it planted or freefloating. also another easy one is amazon swords. DONT buy the ones in the plastic tubes.........MOST are not submersible aquarium plants, they are bog plants. some will live, but, MOST will rot and die fully submerged.
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I also recommend talking to Byron. He knows everything about plants, lighting and fertilizing plants.
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