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Sick after temp change

Hey all, been a while.

Since the loss of my other two bettas after a year or so of good times, I decided to pick up a young blue crowntail at Petco.

Hes been great. Good energy good apetite (he doesnt like bloodworms of flakes tho... i can only get him to eat pellets). My tank set up is a 2.5 with a whisper filter and heater kept at 78-79 and weekly 50% water changes. Meals are twice daily at 2 pellets each feeding.

A few days ago my power went out in the middle of the night and was out for probably a total of 7 hours. Upon waking up I noticed that his tank temp had dropped from 79 to about 71 within that 7 hour period. Last night I got home late and was unable to feed him his evening meal. So I checked to see if he was awake and was going to feed him, but he was resting on the bottom. I assumed he was sleeping, or trying to. This morning was a different story. He was still at the bottom of the tank. Fins were fluttering at an energetic rate and his gill movement seemed fine. Under close inspection he seemed to have a white coat on his skin. He was entirely un interested in my finger, which he normally will jump out of the water to hit in order to get food. I added a dose of bettafix for 2g of water and removed his filter which had a strange red spot on it.

I am assuming he has some sort of bacterial infection that was only exacerbated by the power outage and low water temps. In my medicine arsenal I have both Bettafix and the Kordon version of JFE. Which do you guys think would be better?

Any other input? Please help.
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Sorry, I don't know what to do. Anyone else?
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If the tank's temperature is 78-80 again and the water's nitrate and Ph levels are alright, then he should recuperate. I recommend using Betta Revive for a lethargic/ undiagnosed betta. - Hikari Betta Revive Health Aid at PETCO

Hope this helps!
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