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Old 12-05-2009, 02:06 PM   #1 
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Im back...

Hey guys some of you more avid members may remember me from a while back. I started off with one little white betta Snowflake. With the help of this forum he transformed into the beautiful creature you can see in my avatar. I was so excited about his success in the following months I purchased two more bettas (about a month apart). These two fish were dubbed Kingdra and my beautiful girl Marina. Snowflake, who had been used to his own 10g for his new life at my house was quite disappointed when I forced him to share a devided 10 gal with my new man Kingdra, I gave the undivided 10g to my girl and let her share the tank with three spunky neons, a ghost shrimp, and two curious corys. Time went by without much happening, a few unsuccesful breeding attempts, an introduction of one last male who had his own 20g tank, one of by neons passing away. After a good many months I will admit ashamedly that my care slipped away. My pets cages were rarely and halfheartedly cleaned, and their feeding became more random, laced variety, and even had a day or two breaks in between meals. My care slipped soo much that this past week my prize betta Snowflake couldnt handle it and passed away. He lived a good life up until my mishandling and died at the young age of 9 months. He was always the most enthusiastic about food and I even trained him and his girlfriend Marina how to leap from the water to grab the food from my hand. He will be missed, but atleast his passing showed me the error in my ways and I hurridly cleaned all my tanks, moved my newest man out of his lonely unheated 20g into the divided 10g to take Snowflakes spot. I also treated them all to a large helping of brine shrimp to show them I still cared. Anyway I hope that my interst will stay and does not slip again. I had to come and share the news of Snowflakes passing, I think he deserves it.
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Welcome back!! I'm so sorry about Snowflake. I think you learned a hard lesson.
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Old 12-05-2009, 03:48 PM   #3 
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Welcome back!! But I am sorry to hear about Snowflake. Glad you are back here though :) Oh and I have a lil girl named Marina lol.
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Glad to hear you're back. That's too bad about Snowflake :( Well, you learned a lesson and hopefully it won't ever be forgotten again.
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Sometimes when you get involved in other stuff, its easy to start putting off taking care of pets. I've kind of gotten behind in my tank cleanings the last few days because of rehearsals but I'm off (no dog walking) monday so I can catch up with everything. My little buddy Mackenzie is having surgery on one of his ears.
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