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my betta is sick, what do I do overnight?

Hello. Due to my complete lack of experience with bettas I didn't think anything of any of the earlier signs of sickness, and now my betta is really sick. There's a thread going where I'm hoping someone can diagnose him for me so I know what meds he needs and how I should care for him right now, but I don't know what to do for the period of time between now and tomorrow when I can get him meds. Do I leave him in his tank? Do I change his water? (Though I dont have enough water conditioner anymore, I'm getting some tomorrow. I do have bottled drinking water though). Do I move him to a smaller enclosure? (Right now I've moved him into his vase he was originally in with a couple fake plants so that I could get a picture of him and so I can keep a better eye on him, but I don't know if this is the best thing to do either).

In case you're looking to try to diagnose and you don't know where the other threads are, here are the pictures I have of how he looks right now.

I know it's really bad, but believe you me he did not look like that yesterday. He just rubbed the scales off this morning, and I know it's my fault for not being proactive beforehand but I didn't think any of the earlier signs I noticed were actually signs.

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oh, and please note that in the first and third one, the bright white spot you see is on the outside of the glass.
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<sub>I'd put him in a bigger thank with extremely clean water and a heater. The tank should be 76-80 degrees.
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Yeah, it doesn't seem like he has that much room to swim. If you don't want to get another tank, I'd raise the water level in the bowl/vase almost to the top so he has plenty of room.
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