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Rubbed Off Scales!

Hey guys. I noticed a few weeks ago Galileo had developed this new behaviour where he had dug a little trench in the gravel at the edge of his vase (so the vase is almost on top of the trench) and he likes to go sit in that trench. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed this morning that he's rubbed all the scales off of the top of his back. I'm not sure why he's doing this or what I could/should do to stop him from hurting himself even more.
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If your betta is rubbing to the point of ripping his own scales off you have got a huge problem on your hands. Your betta has, beyond a doubt, some serious external parasites going on. Look closely... does he have and white specks that look like salt crystals on him? Shine a flashlight... does and 'gold dusting' appear? Does he flick, jerk, glance off aquarium decor?

-Do you have a heater?
-What is the temperature?
-How big is the tank?
-How often do you clean it?
-How much water do you change?

Report bakc before you buy any meds. I will tell you the best one depending on what he has.
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He does flick, jerk, and glance of aquarium decor. He started doing that a while ago, but he's always been a little off behaviourally and he looked okay so I didn't think much of it. He hasn't done it much lately though. I haven't noticed any white flecks except perhaps around his pectoral fins but I couldn't remember if he was just white there or not. I don't have a flashlight, but I shone my desk lamp on him and there was a goldish colour but I think that might just be the undertone of his scales. I don't have a heater because I'm in residence and it's not allowed, though I have been considering getting one illegally and pretending I don't have one. I keep my room pretty warm to accomodate him but our windows are really poor at keeping to cold out so lately its been getting cold in my room sometimes. His tank is supposed to be 2 gallons but I really think it's 3 (judging by litre to gallon conversions). I'm not going to lie, I haven't been changing his water much lately. It's exam time, my first year in university and I've been so busy I just haven't found much time to be attentive to him. So I usually do weekly half changes and monthly full changes, but lately I've been just doing biweekly full changes. (The full changes are mostly to clean the tank and decor). There's a fish store that sells meds near my dorm though and I'm going to the mall it's in tomorrow anyway.
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Rubbed off scales

Oh, he also stopped eating yesterday morning....

oh also, I was going to do a water change tonight now that I know he's sick to relieve some of the pressure but I don't have enough water conditioner left (I'm going to the store tomorrow to buy some of that too). I don't know what to do for right now to help him get through the night....

Kelly, if you do come back to help me, I've made a thread in the betta diseases section. 2 actually. both have photos of what he looks like right now.

btw, just noticed, I think he may have gotten rather thin too (u can only tell when looking from above though)

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