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Exclamation Help! It's not looking too well.

His name is Cosmo and his a pretty pinkish body blue fin VT. He lives in a 5gal bow front tank by himself. I change his water once a week and he has a sweet filter that came with the tank.
He use to have a tank mate Elvis... till one day Elvis stopped eating and laid on one of his plant leafs. I took him out and put him in a one gal for observation/ quarantine and within a half hour he died. That was about a month ago. After Elvis passed I did a 100% water change and cleaned everything using vinegar and scalding hot water. And made sure it was super cleaned out and left no trace of the vinegar. I even cleaned the gravel by hand!
Like I said that was about a month ago and since then Cosmo has been great until today. His not eating, bloated and pale. I'm talking about his pink body is paper white and his aquamarine, iridescent rich fins are now a palled hue. He barely moves except to switch places. He goes from floating by the bottom of the tank to floating at the top. And hasn't had any white or yellow spots ever.
I thought it was SBD but he has no problem staying or swimming at the bottom. I don't know what it could be, because his scales are all flush and his fins are intact. His gills aren't constricted and are moving in a labored fashion but its constant and moderate. His just pale and bloated and not interested in eating all day.

Any idea?
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I think you killed the cycle in your tank when you cleaned it out after elvis died. Give it 100% cleanings twice a week until he recovers then when he is up to speed you can cycle it again.
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To add onto what kelly528 said.

Some bettas will act lethargic and lose color because of poor water quality and a low temperature.

What temp. is the tank?

What are you feeding him and how much?

What are the water parameters?

How often do you do water changes?
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Could you take a picture of him if possible?

Because not eating and bloating is a sign of many diseases. A picture would defiantly help verify his condition.

Also, if possible, can you give us your water perimeters? If you don't have tests to test your water, you can take a sample of his tank water to PetSmart and they will test it for you.
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