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nom NOM nom

I love these stories!
Haze goes bananas and starts just randomly jumping until I drop the pellet, and then he doesn't even see it and keeps jumping at my finger so I have to point at the pellet until he finds it. Rain, once again, has to have me point at it until he finds it (and sometimes he still doesn't, being too preoccupied with my finger). Chance stalks my fingers until I drop it, or he jumps and bites me (surprisingly hard D:) Cash... well Cash is a bit special he goes crazy swimming around in wild loopy patterns and follows my finger and doesn't understand I'm pointing to the pellet on the water, he thinks my finger still has the pellet. He's... strange. And Bowser really doesn't have a habit yet, he's just now learning what the top being pulled off means.
They all jump now though... none of them jumped until I brought Chance home and he started jumping, now they all jump! Even Rain, who is the fat lazy one. It's so weird.

I can has cheezburger?

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aww these are all so cute, sometimes I have to show my boys where the food is cause they don't see it, eric is very good at following my finger, then I always think of a dog going "imma getcha!" cause seriously attacks it like he hasn't eaten in days, Cosmo is just a fat***
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actually the other day i was cracking up at critter because he started swimming in circles and wouldn't stop when i went up to feed him. i wish i recorded it!

tinkerbell gets sooooo excited when i walk into the room, or when i get up to leave the room lol she always thinks i'm coming to feed her. i always have to be quick with her because the second she sees my finger about to drop the pellet she jumps and doesn't stop. i have to point out the pellets to her ALL the time lol.

jazzy will shoot up to the top of his bowl, grab a pellet and race back to under his bridge as fast as he can, chews it, and then shoots back up and gets another one and repeats it until they're all gone lol.
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I love reading about all the different things everyones bettas do. My girls know when it's time to eat and they will sit there and watch every move I make while feeding them. They also jump for the food, it's so cute. The boys aren't too exciting about feeding time, but my new one I just got last night will watch when I put food in from the bottom of the tank and wait until I walk away to eat it. I swear Binky comes out when I get the camera out and will look to the side and show off his body, little camera *****.
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