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Divided 20 L questions

Hello everyone. My spring/summer project is to divided a 20 long into a four unit tank for bettas. I am trying to use what equipment I have for it. On filtration I was wondering if my Eheim Classic Canister Filter 2213 would be good enough to give the circulation needed for the tank without stirring up the bettas. I know when I was running it in my old 29 it did not seem to have that strong of a flow. Intake in one side of the tank, outtake in the other side of the tank. I am not sure which way I would place the spray bar vertically or horizontally. And what heater arrangement would be the best. I am not sure that one heater for a 20gal would fit in a single compartment so I was thinking two smaller heaters in alternating sections. I was thinking that they would fit better and the tank would be more evenly heated.
The dividers I am planning on making out of acrylic, with 1/8" holes for circulation and several 1/4" holes near the bottom for shrimp passage from one section to another.
I just need some advice from those members who are running the larger multi-divided tanks and have already gone through all this.
Thank you
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Are you talking about 20 litres or gallons? I agree with you on the heaters how about two 50 watt heaters? The Acrylic is clear right? I would do something solid so they can't always see each other. Do the shrimp need to go from section to section because what if the bettas can go through also?
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A 20 gallon long. Dividing 20 liters would be very small. And I was planning on black acrylic to match my sand. I would like the shrimp to be able to travel, and I am wavering back and forth between adding some ottos, and they would not be happy trapped in small sections without reaching their friends. I know people have done it, I just need to know how it worked for them.
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it depends on how big the whole are, I think. my betta is like Houdini, I swear he can get out of anything. once, back when I was young and stupid, I was carefully pouring the water out, a small pencile thin stream at a time that barley bubbled over the lip. my betta was at the compleat opposite side of the tank, then in a moment of brilliance, shot forward like a bullet, jumped the lip and landed promptly in the toilet. I had a panic attack while he explored and then came back to where I could scoop him up and looked at me like "ok im done with having fun. you can put my back now." he is so cute. he survived without a nick or any other ill effects. I still cannot believe he did it. I have since gotten a net and a second small tank to use for water changes.
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