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Emergency!!! Rescued Betta is unwell!!! Please help me save her!

Hello, today i took a trip to an aquarium & noticed a lovely black & red female in a tank, she seemed very quiet in the tank, hiding behind a rock & quite lethargic....I don't know what posessed me to get her, but i wanted to save her & give her a proper chance. I can't load any pictures yet as this is new laptop unfortunately but will do soon. She is seperated in a container which is floating around my 100litre tank so she can see other fish.

her symptoms are:
  • very quiet (but still surfacing for air & looking around & is still 'with it') but stays close to bottom
  • constantly like breathing 'heavy', opening her mouth like a goldfish under water which i noticed the others don't tend to do
  • not eaten anything yet
  • slight white bits on her side
  • shakes abit, her fins seem to shake, or her whole body does if u get my drift
hope that gives some sort of idea, im about to research on the net, but thought i'd see if you have any ideas.
hopefully she'll make it....
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Sometimes they take a while to adjust to their surroundings. But do the white bits look like sprinkles of salt? Or are they fuzzy? It could just be her coloring as well.

What's the temp. of the tank? Does she look stressed bc of the other fish?
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Well after much examining, i've noticed her white patches have like fluffy bits on them if u see what i mean, so im now thinking its Ich.
I reasearched Ich on the net & found this:

Identifying ich The symptoms of ich are very evident and usually include characteristic white spots on the body and gills. In some infections, the ich organisms will only be found on the gills. As the disease progresses, the fish will become more irritated and may try to rub or scratch against the sides and bottom of the tank. The disease may then cause respiratory distress, severe agitation, loss of appetite, and eventually death.

She has got the respiratory distress & loss of appetite aswell as the white patches, so ive treated it with protozin. the temperature is already at 28C (82F) so thats ok to treat it. hopefully she pulls through.

would u agree with my thinking?

oh & plus i added some aquarium salt.

no she doesn't looked stress, just abit docile.

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