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10 gallon question

Hello I'm new to the site and firstly would like to say that I have already used this site to teach me about Betta fish before ever buying one and I believe it payed off well for my little guy so for that thanks!

So I currently have a 10 gallon tank w/ heater,filter, and lighting. I currently have 1 male betta and 3 cory catfish living in harmony for the past 3 months. I have been researching on what else I could add to the tank and I would like to add 2-4 ghost shrimp and an african dwarf frog to complete the tank.

I would like to get any information from people that have had a similar setup and how it worked out for them. As far as I've learned so far this should work out but I'd rather take the word of people that have tried a similer setup and how it worked for them. As a note my betta seems to be very peacefull aswell as the corys and the tank is lightly decorated only 3 small plants growing and a small cave type decoration.

Thanks for all replies in advance! Appreciated :)
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k stiles
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Hello and welcome to the fourm. Cories are best is schools of 6, I don't know much of the other 2 though Vaygirl knows about ghostshrimp, but otherwise, I hope this helps. 8]
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I would also suggest adding 3 more cories. I really don't know about adding anything else, though.
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Ghost shrimp are iffy. I had two in my 16g with 4 cories and my betta. My shrimp only lived for a few weeks and I have no clue why. They were awesome to watch while I had them and I'd really recommend them as clean up crew for the stuff that even the cories don't get. Shrimp will leave no morsel uneaten.

It's really a crap shoot. Your betta 'might' go after them and he might not. It's one of those things you'd have to try. Also, they're very sensitive to changing water conditions so you have to make sure your tank is cycled and stable before introducing them. If it works out, they're just cool, cool guys!
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