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Exclamation Betta Newbie With Some Probably silly questions, help?!

Hi, I'm Zy, and my fiance and got a crowntail betta for christmas, and he has given me permission to get the fish, named Scaredy, situated, and I REALLY don't want to do anything wrong, I want Scaredy to be a happy fish! So, I have a couple questions if you guys could help?

So, he's in a 1 gallon "Aquaview" tank which came with an air pump and stone, but it was putting lots of bubbles on top like a HUGE bubblenest lol, but it didn't seem like a good thing, plus I read that bettas prefer still water so I nixed the air stone. There's also a 4inch neon cave in there, but I think it may be too big of a cave for the tank.

There's no heater, but there is a 7watt bulb in the hood of the tank and the hood is hot from it, but I don't have a thermometer yet, do you think that light is producing enough heat?

Also, should I have a filter? Are they necessary (in a 1 gallon tank), what does a filter do?

When I set up the tank I had put half a tablet of this stuff tha said it clears the chloromone (or however it's spelled) from tap water and I let the water run with that air stone going for 24hours before I put Scaredy in. Was that tablet ok, like water conditioner or something?

I plan on getting some water conditioner, thermometer, and a heater if necessary tomorrow, and a filter if you guys think it's absolutely important.

Oh yeah, and we called him Scaredy because he doesn't seem to ever want to flare, he just hides. We thought that it may be because he's a baby or because he's still not used to everything, or maybe he's just shy lol, but do you think it's a problem that he doesn't flare, or is it no big deal?

Thank you so much for all your help!
I'll get some photos of Scaredy up soon :)
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Hi.. Welcome!

You don't need a filter for a 1 gallon because its not going to cycle. Instead what you need to do is water changes at least every other day of at least 50% and make sure you do at least 1 100% water change a week and clean the gravel of fish poo and excess food.

Don't worry about getting a heater until you see what the temperature of your tank is. There aren't very many heaters made for 1 gallon tanks... you can get some for 2galls and put in a 1 IF your room is colder. If your room+ the light from the tank makes the temp anywhere in the 70s don't get a heater bc it will over heat the tank.

Its best if he lives in a container 2.5 gallons or more and that makes it a lot easier on you... just something to think about down the road.

As far as him being shy... just give it time.. he will get used to you and his personality will come out more as he acclimates to his new home
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i would reccomend a heater, like 1fish2fish said. but it's not completely necassery, as i have a 15 gal with no heater. if you ever get oe that size take out one gal of cold and put in 1 gal hot warm everyday. also if you do that everyday you only have to do a 100% change ever 1-2 weeks.

With a 1 gal the light should be enough, also is finn in sunlight?

Filter - not neccasary again, but recommended for bigger tanks.
Again, i don't have on but idc bout changing tank water and savng 30$

And lol my fish,katana, dosn't come out much eithir, unless i play with him ( via laser pointer ) or feed him.
(got him 4 xmas too)
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Don't worry, he'll be fine. As soon as he gets used to his surroundings he'll be swimming everywhere and eating like a 1Gs don't need a filter and Hydor mini heater makes a heater for 1Gs but it only raises the temp about two degrees F. A 2G or more would be better, but if you don't have the money to upgrade, make sure that you stay on top of the water changes. I clean my 1G two or three times a week 100%. Some water conditioners come in tablets, but I use Aqua and I love it. A lot of people on here use Prime too. Good luck with your new guy!
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