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What to do after tetracycline...

Two of my bettas have been sick awhile.
I tried salt baths, I tried Bettafix.
It got to the point where my female was hanging at the bottom or in the corner at the top acting dead. Then my boy whose fin rot was looking better had blood on the end of a fin again.

I had some tetracycline (Macaryn- TC) so I have put it in both their aquariums the past four days.

My boy has fin rot. I don't think he has anything else with it. I still don't know what my girl has. I am thinking maybe it is something internal. It almost appears she has a green spot near her fin under the skin. Now there is also a little white mark by her fin. Her fins are now all clamped. The tetracycline appears to have helped as she now swims around and comes up for her food. So at least she is acting more normal.

My boy is not any worse.

My question is this... what do I do now? I am guessing I need to stop the tetracycline as I get the impression it should only be used about five days.

Should I do a 100 percent water change and keep some aquarium salt in there all the time until they get 100 percent better? Should I use the Bettafix again?

They are each in five gallon tanks with heaters. Only difference is one has a filter and the other doesn't.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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No bettafix, I would just use aquarium salt.
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I would say no more meds. As kelly528 stated, add a bit of aquarium salt when you do a water change. Not sure what your water levels are going to be like at this point bc some meds will destroy the beneficial bacteria in your tank. I haven't used an antibiotic before so can't give you any intelligent answer on that one.

Keep the water as clean as possible. That's going to be your best bet right now. Watch for signs of them getting worse and post if that happens.

Good luck.
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