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Originally Posted by New2Betas View Post
Well said!
Thank you!

sorry about posting so many times, Idk how to multi quote

Originally Posted by vaygirl View Post
Well heck, we could go round and round on that all day. I'm entitled to care for them my way and you yours.

I don't disagree that we need to speak up when we feel it will make a difference while doing whatever we feel is right. I'm glad people feel they've saved a fish life. Half the world couldn't give two ... you know whats... about fish. If the people on this forum feel good about saving a life, bought or otherwise, I'm glad they actually care.
There is a difference between feeling as if you have saved a life while you are actually ruining 8 more, and saving those eight lives.

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not everyone can afford to buy a $42 fish off aquabid.. and no not all bettas come from fish mills.. they come from breeders so your arguing two different things. Many petstores accept fish from local betta breeders (even the big chains will). And not all petsmarts, petcos take bad care of their fish.. that also varies. Even breeders keep fish in small containers and not all the fish survive... thats a fact of fish keeping... you can have large community tanks and find dead fish occasionally from bullying or some disease or another.

And no you can't find bettas on craigslist or petfinder ALL THE TIME.... people rarely put fish up because its more likely the fish will die than the owner give up for adoption theres a big difference than that and going to a shelter vs getting a dog from a BYB or puppy mill. So to say never buy a betta from the LPS means that many more bettas will die and eventually the breeders will stop breeding.. so long pet fish.

If you want to argue for better treatment START PETITIONS, talk to your LPS, send the story to local news papers and magazines, hand out phamphlets. THere are plenty of online petitions to ban fish at walmart and for better care of fish at petsmart and petco and others stores. Don't get on a net forum and try to argue with people that obviously are doing right by their animals.
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You're probably not going to find bettas on petfinder or craigslist because it's easier to flush them than to find homes for them. If something happened to me, that's probably what will happen to mine. My Petsmart takes pretty decent care of their fish. All my bettas from there have been pretty healthy.
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Meh, I'll save the one in front of me. But I've been a sucker for hurt animals of every kind my whole life. I'm happy to have helped all the animals I've ever helped.
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I have to agreee with the OP. If everybody boycotted poor fish husbandry we obviously wouldn't have this problem.

So in effect the ones who sympathy purchase are actually creating a self-fufilling prophesy:

They don't truly 'rescue' bettas because they think that it is too small a move to make a difference. What they miss is that they are the ones ruining the solidarity.

Like puppy-stores and puppy-mills still exist, though they've been protested on and such, bettas in petstores will continue to live in horrible conditions.
Actually, 2 Canadian pet franchises have changed their stance on purchasing mill puppies due to consumer flack:

-Petcetera (before it went bankrupt due to rapid expansion) featured an adoption centre in which is sold surplus puppies and kittens from the local SPCA.
-Petland certifies that their puppies are not from mills.
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I'm not going to fight about this because it's stupid. If you think it's such a huge deal than complain to your lps, but don't attack people on here who think it's great to save a life. I RESCUED Jasper from Walmart. This is what he looked like before and a couple days after. So you're telling me I should've let him die which I know in a couple days he would've, than take him home and care for him? I think the pictures speak volumes. I do understand that you're just giving money to them so they can buy more fish, but we do complain and talk to managers and the staff. We aren't stupid. Everyone has a right to their own opinions, but that doesn't mean that you have the right to attack people on here. Like I said, if you're so upset about it, than speak with your lps or whoever.
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OMG, what a difference!! It just goes to show you what some good tlc can do.
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I REALLY don't want to get into a big argument, but I do have to touch up on my one main point: BETTAS AND DOGS AREN'T THE SAME! It's THAT what you're overlooking. There's a BIG difference to the public between a starving, abused puppy, than to a fish. You won't get the big uprising needed from people that you desire. You just won't. Why should they care? It's a FISH. To them, fish aren't special. Most people think fish don't even have a memory longer than 3 seconds, so they don't care what type of environment they're in. If the fish does die, then whoppdidoo. They can go buy another. There just isn't a big enough disgust by the people to warrant such a change. WE may care, but we are the minority. It's there that dooms your ideals to a helpless one, sadly. So, I'll hike up my pants and do what I can for those who need it most, and pray that the others end up with someone who'll actually care for them. I'm sorry to be such a downer, but it's the real truth.
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That's true, people don't care about fish the way they do dogs and cats.A lot of people are like my neighbor and say their not made of gold, they can easily be replaced.
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I agree with CodeRed. Some of us also just don't have the things you offer. Australia doesn't have craigslist. We have The Trading Post, but fish are never on it. I think I'd be laughed out of town if I asked if we had a shelter for fish. Sometimes the only option is a chain store, so why not try and save one of the dying ones if that is your only option.
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