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Talking So Excited!

Hey Everyone! My mom's an English teacher at our local high school, and for Valentine's day, I'm gonna get her a betta, with a 2.5 or 3 gallon tank and everything she needs! So, I want some ideas and tips on starting a new tank.
I know I need:
  • A 2.5-3 Gallon tank (I would go bigger but she has limited space)
  • Substrate
  • Heater
  • Decorations (I'm using terra cotta pots and glass marbles, like in my tank)
  • Plants (Do you guys suggest live plants? How do I even do that? It sounds really complicated and has always scared me away...)
  • I'm not doing a filter, but I'll do water changes every other day or so
  • Betta Water Conditioner
  • Food
  • Thermometer
What else is necessary? What are some cost effective ways I could do this? Do you have any suggestions, or is anyone selling anything? Thanks guys!
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Does this tank look okay? I know it is a little small...

or this one
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I would go with the larger 2.5 tank because you'll only have to do 100% water changes 1x/week. With a 1.5gal you'll be doing a 100% change every few days. So lets say you're going with the 2.5gal, since it has built in lights plants will do pretty well. If you're worried about plants dying you can use low light plants like a marimo moss ball and java fern, you don't need to actually plant them so it's good for a non-planted tank.

I read the comments and it says the light heats the tank to 78, but since the light goes off at night you'll want a heater. Fish need a regular light schedule so if it's at the school maybe setting a timer for the light would be a good idea.

Also there are other sections of this site specifically for selling and buying, and I've heard ebay is good for getting things cheap. Good luck and hope this helps :)
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I have this 2.6 gallon, and love it, And it is glass, I'm not a big fan of plastic tanks. It is a beautiful cube style tank, takes up very little room. I did replace the internal filter that it came with, I use a sponge filter cheap and doesn't take up a lot of room in the tank.
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Originally Posted by fishyface323 View Post

The top link you posted I have but the issue with this tank is that the filter is too large and the light is to low for live plants (if you go with live plants) I had to take apart the whole thing because the light and filter is connected. I modified the crap out of that tank for me to like the tank.

I have the tank that gracierat linked and I LOVE that one! but again the filter was too large so I just changed it to a sponge filter. ^^

here is the 1.5 gallon I modified:

and this is the 2.6 which I love:

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