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Horrible finrot!!

I went to a local walmart today (bad idea) and saw two beautiful bettas with two outlandish cases of finrot. I complained to the manager and I got them for free. They're in such sad conditions I dont even know if anything right now will be helpful. I have two 2.5 gallon tanks with heaters but I wont have the time to clean it everyday.

Could I pick up two half gallons and try my luck? Water changes, aquarium salt, and a heater. Every day. Correct? How do the bettas die of finrot? I hate having fish die so I really don't want it to happen ><
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They don't necessarily have to die from finrot. If its too far advanced then, yes, they can die. The important thing is keeping the water clean but you can use Maracyn if it gets too bad. The 2.5 gallons would be better than .5 gallons.
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I'm glad you spoke up! Like DQ said, if it's really bad they could die from it. I'd start giving them salt baths (you can dip them in a couple times a day). But if you see that they're stressing out too much, do a salt bath once a day for about five days. If you can't see new fin regrowth (clear color) than I'd use medication like Maracyn.
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I just got a new little guy (well a week ago) with the same issue. I don't even know what tail type he is yet bc he had no fins to speak of.

I've kept him in a 1.5 gal. nice and warm with a little aquarium salt added in to each water change (3 times a week - 50%). I also gave him two small doses of Jungle Fungus Clear and he's doing amazingly well. His fins have started to grow and he has tons and tons of energy. I can' t wait to see what tail type his is now LOL.

Good luck with your buddies.
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A betta can't die from fin rot, but if left untreated the resulting bacterial infections or body rot will kill him! Clean water, some aquarium salt in the tank (about 1 tsp. per gallon) and a treatment of pimafix and melafix should do the trick!
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