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I signed! Poor buddy!
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That's disguising. How can anyone even do that? I'm signing. I'm so sorry :(
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Wow.. this is old. I forgot I wrote this. I don't even know what's going on with this case any more.. but I doubt anything good happened.
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Originally Posted by CodeRed View Post
@dr2b. Those commercials you see on TV are usually for HSUS, and NEVER donate to them. They don't support humane societies, and use to money for campaigning and such. If you ever desire donate to a humane society, or ASPCA or some kind, DO NOT DONATE TO HSUS (Humane Society of United the States), because your money will NOT be helping animals who need it. I found this out, and it really shocked me, because they make it seem like the money you're giving will help places with animals.
Just an FYI, in case some people didn't know that =/ It's really sad that they mislead people like that.

Anyways, I really, really hate animal abuse, but I've heard that online petitions rarely ever work, and are usually disregarded. But if you think THAT's bad, a man at my mom's work (A little disgusting ahead, children don't read this D:) cut off his neighbor's kitten's head when it wandered into his apartment, and stuck it in his freezers. It was disgusting, and NOTHING happened to him. Nothing at all. As far as I know, he still works with my mom. =/ It's so wrong what people can get away with these days.
I am a kid and I read this. Some owner in NC cut off a kittens tail! Now the kitten is abandoned and looks like a bunny. What will happen next?
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It's really sad that things like that happen, I love animals, they are so helpful to people and fun to be around, I want to help however I can. I hate it when I hear things like this happen because animals lives rest in human's hands. Sure they can care for themself but not always, and humans are the ones who stand over them. It's terrible to treat them so wrongly.
Who ever did this must be a very disturbed person. I feel bad for the poor dog, but I also feel sad for the person(s) who did this. Their hearts must be hardened to love. I hope they can change.
We can't sit around and let others change things, we need to do whatever we can. Even if it's very small, it still makes a difference.
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