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Yeah, you don't know what might have come across the frozen grocery store shrimp. Like DQ said, its best to just stick with the foods the petsotre sells. Better safe then sorry. Welcome to the forum!
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Hey :) Welcome to the forum, i warn you, it gets addicting.

(For the following comments, remember that everyone has a different opinion of what is "right" and these are just my opinon)

First of all, if/when possible try getting him at least a 2.5 gallon tank (drama keeps hers in containers by Kritter Keeper, they are fairly inexpensive) The smaller the tank the harder it is to keep the water parims consistant.
If you have a cold house, try to get him a heater. We keep our house about a constant 72 so i don't use one (and a tank uner 2 gallons is WAY to small for a heater, you may have a blanched fish if you use one)
Plants would make a tank that size very difficult to keep the plants and the fish healthy. i read somewhere that bettas can have bamboo in their tank, i dno't know if that is true or not.

You also need to get a water conditioner (like $2-3) It removes the choline and cholramine from tape water, both which are harmful to your betta and can burn their gills. You use it when you do water changes, following the instructions on the back.

I feed my boys 3-4 pellets every 36hours ish. Is use the bio-gold, they seem to like it. The main thing for food is you want the LEAST vegetable matter you can have. Companies like to use it as a filler, making it cheaper, but bettas are Carnivores, NOT omnivores so their bodies don't absorb any of the vegetable matter making more waste in your tank (Flakes generally have more vege matter) I also prefer to stay away from artificial dyes... I don't see how they can be good for them. Also, My boys require what is called a micro/mini pellet. They can't swallow the large/normal sized ones (they spit them out)

A betta won't eat usually for the first week or so. The fact that Ivan II is eating already is good! Even though its not very much.

Also, Bettas like a variety in their diet, so i would try giving him blood worms about once a week as a treat. (its like a kid with dessert. If you give them it every day they have no interest in eating healthy food, but once in a while is good.) those aren't required they are just a suggestion.

Have fun with him and feel free to ask anything else that you have quesitons on.
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Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
I think I'd go with the frozen food from the petstore to be on the safe side.
Sounds clear. Thank you.

Also, my other questions:

When I will change a water once a week.... do I need to change the whole water or only 20-30% or how many % of water?

What water is better: tap or spring?

If spring water is better, do I need to keep water in special container for 24 hrs, put my 1 cupful of betta plus conditioner at least 1hr before to put fish back in aquarium like with the tap water?

thank you.
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A 1 gallon should be changed twice a week, 100%. Some people will even recommend every other day.
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I agree with DramaQueen, at least once a week (possibly more). Justuse tap water... using spring water is expensive! Just make sure the tap water is close to the same temperature as the old water & use a water conditioner to dechlorinate it. Some people let it sit over night, but I find my water becomes way to cold if I do that.

Ohh and make sure you acclimate the betta (you don't want to just put the betta in new water).
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I generally would get a smaller container (about a quarter of the size of your tank) to put my betta in and some dirty water while i was cleaning.

the night before set out water with the conditioner in the same room your tank is in (if its not heated) so it comes to the same temp.
Dump out water, i rinse my plants and gravel in hot water, replace add the new water with room for the old, and then add betta plus dirty water he was in so its about a 75% water change, but it seemed to wok best for my boys. I did this about every 6 days,
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Thank you guys for very informative answers!

Also (I hope) the last questions...:

- Yesterday I've bought brine shrimp from Petco for Ivan.
I know I can give it like..once a week for him, but questions:

- How do I defroze shrimps?
Do I need to do anything specific or I just take it out of freezer?
Is it OK to keep shrimps in the freezer or refregirator?
For how many hours/minutes do I defroze it?

(They explain me at the store that I must defroze it, otherwise fish can get sick)

- Also, what a good heater I can buy if I only have 1 gallon aquarium?

thank you again...
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You'll want a Hydor Mini-Heater 7.5 for a 1 gallon. It's the only one that works in a tank that small.

As for the brine shrimp, just pop a cube out, put it in a sandwich bag and crush it with a rolling pin. Pout the remnants back in the freezer and defrost a few small chunks in a cup of tankwater and strain the shrimp through a brine shrimp net (they're the really fine kind) and feed 'em to your fish.

Always keep frozen foods in the freezer and take care not to let them thaw and then freeze again. Letting food thaw and freeze numerous times is about as food-safe for fish as it is for humans :(
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Originally Posted by intyel94 View Post
hi everyone,
i am very new in any fish care, so please help with the information...

We bought our 1st fish today in petco. Yesterday we set up 1 gallon aquarium.....and today i brought it home. It's crown-tail betta male.
My 7 y old daughter named it "ivan ii" :-p:):).
It looks absolutely happy and active, always playing, going up & down in the tank, since we put it in the tank it's tail and fins became really beautiful :)

because we know very little about fish my questions:

- how many times per day (or week) should i feed it?
Yesterday at petco they said 3 times a week, but today they told..3 times a day, so i am confused....
I gave 2 round tiny pieces of betta bio-gold tonight.
Ivan ate them, but 2nd piece ate kind of slow like he is not hungry :)

- what food is best (and most important for me) where shoud i get it?
On faq i ve read that live food (as worms, etc) better than fish-food
from the store... What food do you feed your bettas?

- when we install the aquarium, we also put 3 tall fake plants.
They are tall and he can hide between them, but he has quite outgoing
tamper ...:) so he is not often hides..:)
what live plants are better for bettas?

- should i turn off the light in the aquarium when i go to sleep or it needs
to be on when it's night and dark?

Please help with my questions, , sorry if they are stupid...we are very new about pets (fishes)...

Thank you for help...
i hope you still have your betta .i have 5 of them for 2.5 yars i feed them every day they like to eat i give them 2 pallets in the morning and 1 at night
i have beta food daily nutrition by aqueon and advanced nutrition by wardley . Also my bettas like freeze dried blood worms be sure it not frozen should be dried
i think fake plants not good for betta i usually bay fresh plants make sure when u buy it is in separated tank ,where is only plants no fish ,or i buy plant in the box for fish make sure it not rotten ed
if you still have fish and have questions u can call me 215-464-0492
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Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
a 1 gallon should be changed twice a week, 100%. Some people will even recommend every other day.
you have so many bettas i am obsessed with them i have 5 for 2.5 years i am workin in diagnostic center 9 of my co workers have 2-3 betta

i want to tell about my experience with sick betta when u have so many they get sick . We found inform from fish man at local store about medications u can mix together very successful helps to treat diseases
we have all together 32 fishes we treated 7 of them with different symptoms and it helped
medication are :
Tetracycline mix together with fungus eliminator by jungle
it help amazingly.
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