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Do you still have all 9 bettas?
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Originally Posted by intyel94 View Post
sounds clear. Thank you.

Also, my other questions:

When i will change a water once a week.... Do i need to change the whole water or only 20-30% or how many % of water?

What water is better: Tap or spring?

If spring water is better, do i need to keep water in special container for 24 hrs, put my 1 cupful of betta plus conditioner at least 1hr before to put fish back in aquarium like with the tap water?

Thank you.
if you have betta they can get sick from frozen shrimp i give my betta dried blood warms

i spoke to fish gay he told me spring water don't have all minerals betta needs i use tap water with betta conditioner and i let it stay 24 hrs

i have 5 betta for 2.5 years i think you have to chance betta water completely once a week enough i'm not sure what size the tank i have my each betta in the winter in 2.5 gal i change them once in 10 days but i always leave part of their original water

in the summer they in the 1 gal or 0.5 gal containers i change them once a week also leave part of their original water
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Originally Posted by intyel94 View Post
Hi everyone,
I am very new in any fish care, so please help with the information...

We bought our 1st fish today in petco. Yesterday we set up 1 gallon aquarium.....and today I brought it home. It's crown-tail betta male.
My 7 y old daughter named it "Ivan II" :):).
It looks absolutely happy and active, always playing, going up & down in the tank, since we put it in the tank it's tail and fins became really beautiful :)

Because we know very little about fish my questions:

- How many times per day (or week) should I feed it?
Yesterday at petco they said 3 times a week, but today they told..3 times a day, so I am confused....
I gave 2 round tiny pieces of Betta Bio-Gold tonight.
Ivan ate them, but 2nd piece ate kind of slow like he is not hungry :)

- What food is best (and most important for me) where shoud I get it?
On FAQ I ve read that live food (as worms, etc) better than fish-food
from the store... What food do you feed your bettas?

- When we install the aquarium, we also put 3 tall fake plants.
They are tall and he can hide between them, but he has quite outgoing
tamper ...:) so he is not often hides..:)
What live plants are better for bettas?

- Should I turn off the light in the aquarium when I go to sleep or it needs
to be on when it's night and dark?

Please help with my questions, , sorry if they are stupid...We are very new about pets (fishes)...

Thank you for help...
during winter i keep my 5 bettas in 2.5 g in the summer they in 1 gal i change them every approx 5-6 days. i also have live plant even in 1 g watet bettas love plants. be careful with fake plants. some of them heart plastic and they can damage the betta. elive plants better the only think some of them can stay longer some of them get rottened fast . if they rottened u have to take tham out right away.

same my betta 2.5 y old some 6 mo i feed tham every day 2 pieces in the morning 2 or 1 at evening. i give tham treat freeze dried blood worms every 2 days . i read that live food can get betta sick i also have betta at wark in the small cont i think less than 0.5 g i have him for 1 y and 2month .i change him every 6 days approx. no one feed him on saturday and sunday and he is fine.they also needs fasting days
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Keeping a betta in a 1 gallon container with no filtering needs to be changed every other day to keep the ammonia levels from getting too toxic for your fish.

Most people who use pellets feed 2-3 in the morning and 2-3 at night, and use Saturday as a fasting day where they don't eat at all, and feed freeze-dried bloodworms as a treat once a week since they're like junk food to us. :p

If you use fake plants make sure they're silk or material because plastic can damage your betta's delicate fins.
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