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Old 01-15-2010, 06:41 PM   #1 
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not a normal female betta

i am currently trying to breed my two betta fish, the male is a little bit bigger than the female, both have the same colours and both are very active. i have the right food, tank, plants, heating and temp well close too.
i waited a few days for his bubblenest to get nice and thick. when i put her into the tank it wasnt he that got aggressive it was the female, she was seriouly ripping stripes off his anal fin and he was swimming away and hidding. but the thing is i had her in the tank with him for close to a month and they were fine, like the male chanced her a little bit and she chanced him. when i was actually trying to breed them i did everything step by step well close enough, when i was introducing them i was feed them both bloodworms and ect until she was nice and fat with eggs and when i put her in thats when she was aggressive. i went to my local pet store and asked the guy and he just said "sounds like you have a crazy female and if you do breed them the fry will be crazy as well and he said she could be a paradise fish" but she isnt.

does this mean he is too old? or they arent combatible? or he just doesnt know what to do?

any feed back is awesome

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I would immediately take her out before she seriously hurts the male-sorry, but I don't think that pair is going to work well together. Hope you can find a different female!
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Unfortunately 99% of the time, pet store employees will feed you a bunch of bs. I can't believe he said that...*sighs* Anyways, if he's hiding and trying to get away from her, it could be that she's too aggressive or he's just not in the mood. I would remove the female right away. You could try it again, but from the sounds of it, it doesn't seem like they're a good pair. Good luck!
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Old 01-16-2010, 05:16 AM   #4 
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Yes, she was remove straight away. Is there any chance that we could breed the female just with a different male, or do you think that she is just to aggresive to try and breed? And we will be trying the male again with a different female.

thank you for the information.
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You could always give it a try. If she tries to bully this one like she did with the other one, than I wouldn't try to breed her.
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Okay first off, dont listen to your lfs personal because they usually dont know anything, the aggressiveness of the female usually has no effect on the aggressivness of the spawn, so that was wrong, obviously he doesnt the first about breeding bettas. But anyways, i have encounter that before as well, what i would recommend is recondition and try again, it could have just been that day, or something could have changed but, i have breed several aggressive females with some of my most tame males. another thing i would try is when you add the female to the breeding tank, leave her in her hurricane globe etc, for a longer period of time so they get use to each other for a longer period of time
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