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If that tank were as long as a rice paddy or small bong or canal, then you could put in several Betta. But, as long as there's no chance to escape--- because of tank walls ---having several Betta is a dangerous situation (except for females as a sorority). Nice dream though.

A well-equipped set-up as a "sample" or example is a brilliant idea. I'm happy to hear that it works for your store. It's an idea that should be spread around.

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I completely agree. I already know more about bettas and tanks than the guy that has been there for 5 years... he told two women it'll take about a day to completely cycle a 29 gallon aquarium. A DAY. Then when they got to the checkout I set them straight and told them to do more research. I also talked a woman out of using distilled water for her betta and someone else almost bought one of those terrible .5 gallon bowls.
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Sathori, that's awesome. Well done. I just got a press release from Petco with some horrible ideas about betta care in it - and that's what they're teaching people. I posted it in betta care if you're interested. They're suggesting that bettas don't need water changes - just keep adding as it dries up every week... sigh.
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It's unfortunate that people (including some pet store employees) will spread what they have "heard" and not what they have actually researched. There are still tons of customers that come in telling me they have a vase with a plant on top so "the betta can eat the roots". They honestly don't know any better because they listen to what they have been told. They are completely shocked to hear that what their friend told them was not true.
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Anytime I am in a store getting fish stuff I make it a point to listen to customer conversations around me and jump in when I hear misinformation. Usually when I tell parents that they'll need to buy at least $100 worth of stuff to take proper care of the bettas, they inform their small child that they will NOT be getting one!

I bought one of those Lee's betta cups last week and made a point to tell every employee and customer who spoke to me that this was just for putting my fish in when doing big water changes in his 5 gallon tank. I felt weird and guilty even being seen carrying one of those tiny things.
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Hopefully I can get a job at PetSmart, so I can help in the HUGE fish section and help people find the right tanks and fish.

PetCo puts some female betta groups in a tank and a male in each non-aggressive tank to show how they can live with other fish. I like that, but they still don't reinforce the necessities.
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I have actually corrected misinformation overheard at Petsmart and I have corrected employees.
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Once I overheard a girl saying a Betta can live in a vase with a plant and not be fed.
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Holy cow...that was amazing and perfect eco system for betta. Just need misquitoe larva and be good to go.
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Originally Posted by Chipl View Post
Once I overheard a girl saying a Betta can live in a vase with a plant and not be fed.
Well, obviously not true since bettas are carnivorous fish. If they ever nip at the roots, it's normal - mine nip on their plants all the time but not necessarily to eat.
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