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I have a 100 litre tank with 13 female bettas in it, they have lovely surroundings, place to hide, plants.... U name it!! But time after time I keep getting at the moment one every week that falls to dropsey & dies! I have a 80 filtration system fitted to this tank, the water is crystal clear, & I mean crystal clear, temperatures fine etc, healthy diets & I'm so fed up with trying to work out how the females are STILL getting dropsey!!! I've just had to pluck out my 7TH female into a hospital tank this evening due to what looks like dropsey...AGAIN!!!! & believe me I know what it looks like when it's coming. I know there's no way of treating dropsey really but I just dunno what's causing it???? I've had all the fish that have got it max for 3 wks, u think they could've come from aquarium with it?
I'm just so fed up, the only thing that's left in the tank, is some live plants and poo left from ground fishes that is there for a week till I clean it (once a week!) I don't know if that's the problem????

I'm soooo sorry to rant & rave but I'm so fed up & upset every week I seem
to have a girl die of dropsey! I'm coming close to giving up now, it's the
seventh time!!!
Once again I'm sorry for the rave guys, but I do feel I can come to u for

Sorry, anyways anyone with some information i'd truely appreciate it. Thanks guys for reading & understanding.

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Sounds like they could have had it when you bought them, just not detectably, or it could be some sort of parasite?

Have you checked your water parameters, and what are you feeding them? I think that's what the experts will want to know....

I'm only a senior member because I post a lot. :P
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I would say try cleaning everything in the community tank VERY well. Dropsy itself isn't contagious, but what causes can be VERY contagious. Try washing everything that was in the tank, has been used with the tank, and the decorations as well as possible, and just try again. If you regularly clean it, try cleaning it with vinegar or bleach this time, for some extra kick.
I've never experienced Dropsy myself (though I've seen it happen), so I'm no expert. All I know is that once Dropsy has set in in a betta, the betta almost always dies (pretty much a 100% fatality rate).
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I would really clean your whole tank out and rinse it with really hot water just to be sure to help prevent spread to your other fish if they did not catch it yet. Like CodeRed said it is contagious and fatality is almost a guarantee...however I have kept my girl alive for 5 months with it now. So you can prolong their life if you don't mind taking the extra measures to give them special care. But yes it is good you are removing the girls who have it. Hopefully none of the others get this disorder it really sucks to see them in that state.
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