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Old 01-22-2010, 09:17 AM   #1 
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Any tips on getting Betta into a bowl/cup? (temp water change accomodation)

edit: the temp meant temporary oops, that may or may not throw some people off

Are Betta's generally cool with you scooping them into a cup?

Mine comes to the surface for feedings now so I think when I open the lid tomorrow (first water change) he will come to the top for me.

At that point, I read that you just dip the holding vessel into the water, the vacuum sucks him in and presto he's in the cup. I have a lid for it too.

Do I have to worry about him jumping out, etc. Will he fight or try to get back into the tank or, if done properly, will he not even miss a beat? I have visions of trying to get my cat in my carrier box from back in the day and I'm hoping it's nothing like that.

If he did, and landed on the floor how would I go about getting him into a cup safely?
Anyone dealt with this?

I realized I don't have a net .. initially I thought that I'd rather not use one anyway.
But I'm thinking now I wish I had one, not to get him but just in case.

Any tips would be great. Probably worrying for nothing but better safe than sorry.
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I've heard that the vacuum sucking them into the cup can upset them and eventually result in their refusing to go anywhere near it when they see it. It might take longer, but it's better to try to bait them into the cup with some food. It works wonders with my bettas.

Here's a thread about it:
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My bettas just come to the top whenever they see me lurking over because they think they're getting food, and I swoop them up in cups quickly. They get a bit stressed at first, but they settle down after a while. I do reccomend a lid or something, because most of my girls tried to jump out.
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Old 01-22-2010, 11:07 AM   #4 
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One of mine swims right into the net for I just scoop them up in a net quickly so they don't get stressed out too much. I have one that stresses out even months after I've had him, but my other ones are fine. I have a smaller net for my females.
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Mine swims into the cup, following my finger. It's much easier when they've learned to follow your finger for food and in my experience that doesn't take very long. Whiskey learned that hand=food in one day and I think Tango probably took a day too. Try feeding them a treat in the cup so that it's a good experience. They learn fast and they're smart.
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