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New Betta

Finally got a betta for my 5 gallon hex. He's got a pretty good personality it seems. Swims around on his own and doesn't seem to mind the current from the filter. He actually swims into it a bit and then lets it push him some and swims down under it to come around and do it again. He also likes to present himself well whenever i get close to a panel on the tank. Only had him 2-3 days now and he's let me handfeed him a bloodworm as well. One thing I'm worried about is he has a slightly white fuzzy or cauliflower textures spot on his head and slightly down his side...i can only get a blurry picture of it and really don't know what to do. Since i've had him i've done a couple water changes and just fed him normally and that's it. He doesn't seem to act like it's been bothering him but i've thought about feeding him his pellets soaked in garlic juice, i'm curious how you go about doing that? But anyway...heres a few pics...the first one is as close as i could get to the spot on his head.
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Really pretty colors on your betta, and nice aquarium! I'm sure he loves his new home. If the fuzzy white stuff on him looks like cotton, it's most likely a fungus infection. I got a new betta with an infection, but theyre pretty easy to treat. I use Liquid Fungus Cure By API (Aquarium pharmaceuticals, I think.) Also the Jungle Fungus Eliminator apparently works well, though I've never used it. Or you can put in 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per 2 1/2 gallons of water and one drop of Aquarisol per gallon. That works pretty well too...

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if you add some aquarium salt to his water and treat him with either bettafix or melafix it should clear up also change his water a bit more often
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If it is fungus, I also recommend API. One of my boys got a bit of fungus on his tail, and it worked very well. Clean water + aquarium salt will also go a long way.

On another note, awesome tank!
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I decided to just keep up with clean water and use aquarium salt. I also plan on soaking his food in garlic juice/water for awhile. I dosed the tank with salt last night. I'm wondering exactly how you keep up with the aquarium salt to continue the treatment?
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