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Question Tiny Swimming Speck

Okay so i was looking into my bettas tank yesterday and noticed a very tiny little white speck which at first i thought was just debri but then i noticed it was moving in a very deliberate jerky swimming motion but not really getting very far.

I have a 5 gallon tank, un-filtered, heated to a constant 80-82 degrees.
I just did a water parameters check and have a:
0ppm-ammonia (API liquid test)
and i have about a 10ppm for nitrates, 0ppm for nitrites, 75/soft for hardness, 200ppm for alkalinity, and 7.6ph using the Jungle 5 test quick dip test kit which i do not trust but is all i have until i can afford to replace with API liquid.
The tank has been up and running for 2 months with one full breakdown 3 weeks ago to clean out algea and add new lautirite substrate for plants which i have. They are:
several Anacharis, several watersprite, 1 aponogeton and 2 aponogeton bulbs (betta bulbs), and a plant i have yet to identify i think is a crypt.
i had one small snail which laid one egg to my knowledge but both are gone and 1 betta i have had for 2 months.
i have 1 10watt floresant bulb in desk lamp pointed down into tank.
I do biweekly tests and weekly 75% water changes unless otherwise needed and vacum gravel lightly each change and more thoroughly 2x per month.
My betta gets a pinch of freeze dried bloodworms every morning and 2-4 pellets every evening.

So i think thats all the info that was requested on the diseases page, however i am posting this here because it is in no way attached to my fish. And there isn't anything abnormal with my fish or plants just one tiny free-swimming whitish speck that so far from what i have read might be something called a copepod, but even if it is, nothing explains what that means for my fish and his tank. So if anyone has ever experienced or thinks they know something, i would really appreciate the help

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okay sorry i just checked again and i lost the one speck but now i can just barely see several even tinier specks swimming and i tried to determine whether they were on the glass or the middle of the tank but my eyes lost focus.
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