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There is a process.
If you're going to transfer your Betta to a tank with a different temperature it's best to have him in a temporary holding vessel of some kind, and gradually pour water from the new tank (the new temp) into the vessel, then finally he goes into the new tank after he's had time to adjust to the new temp.

Bettas are pretty sturdy and resilient but I still make sure I do this when I do his water changes, even tho his temporary holding spot (a big beer mug I bought especially for the purpose) probably doesn't change temps much while he's sitting there during water changes.

Also what I said earlier about heaters and small tanks, I noticed that my inexpensive heater with no dial or control has a self-adjusting feature that turns it off when the water reaches 28*C and kicks in when it dips below 26*C, so if the water gets too hot it might not be the heater(?), its just that the room is too warm or something perhaps.
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although many people on here don't like it, i had both my bettas (at some point,) in 1gal of water with a Mini Hydor Heater. it's non-adjustable, but if you buy a decent thermometer and the temp of the room your bowl/ tank is in stays pretty stable, it works pretty well. i think i only paid $12 for mine a year and a half ago and liked it alot till i got my 2.5 gal tank and bought a better heater. you just need to keep a good eye on the hydor heater.
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Since it's a new tank, make sure to get it on a good Nitrogen Cycle before moving your betta in there, or else the rise in ammonia will make him very sick. There are many ways to start a nitrogen cycle, and you can find them through the forums and using search engines. Hope your betta loves his new home :)
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Are you using water conditioner?
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Definitely get that heater!
The heater wont over heat your 1g tank if you get one with a thermostat, that's what I have and keeps the water between 76 to 80 degrees.
First I used one of those heaters without the thermostat and I had to plug and unplug in the morning and eveninings because the water would go over 82 degrees, I was cooking my fish.
Now I have one Tetra 50W heater in each of my tanks and I don't have to worry about water temp.
I was coonsidering getting a new fish and setup and looked up the water heaters. They are about 5 dollars less than when I bought mine on Amazon!
Only $9! Look:
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