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New to Betta's

Well I am new to what can only be described as the world of Betta's. We are planning on getting one for our daughter for her birthday in about 6 months. We want to be well prepared. I have been reading a lot of information as well as I talked to a friend who's daughter has a few. I am so confused.
Can they do well in a 2.5 gallon tank or is 5 better.
Do they do better with a friend in the tank? I know not another betta fish but something else?
What do we look for in a heater? What size tank requires a filter?
If we decide to add a friend to the tank when is the best time? At the same time or later?
Thanks again

I have so much to learn before we get this new pet.



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Hey bettas do well in 2.5 gallon but 5 gallon is most recommended. You can't house two males in the same tank because they will tear each other up but however you can house 2 females in the same tank but it should be a 5 gallon or bigger and you have to provide a lot of hiding places
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I wouldn't house multiple females in anything under 10 gallons. This is because you need more than two females so they don't fight each other constantly.

Bettas can do well in a 2.5 gallon tank. A 2.5 is the minimum size you should keep your betta in though.
Bettas are better off alone, but you could put some little shrimp, an african dwarf frog, a snail, or anything that doesn't look anything like a betta, and is preferably duller. I am clueless about tank requirements for those though.
You will need a heater. There are some good ones for a tank that small, you should probably get one with an adjustable temperature though. I don't know if they make adjustable ones for that small of a tank.
I don't think it would be useful to have a filter in that size of a tank. You will need to do water changes quite often in a 2.5 gallon tank.

I would go read the FAQ sticky. It has some really good information on it.

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You can NOT house two females together. You can house 5+ females together in a 10+g tank, but thats s dif story. 2.5g is minimum really, 5-10g is best. top fin betta pellets are what i feed my guys (2-3 pellets twice a day) you can eaasily cycle a tank over 1.5g so a filter for a 2.5g is a good idea as long as the flow isn't too strong
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A 2.5 gallon is fine. I would definitely get a heater. Filters help keep the water clean but aren't absolutely necessary. Your betta will be fine on his own. Bettas are solitary fish and don't really need tankmates.I have a 25 watt Marineland stealth visitherm in a 2.5 gallon critter keeper and it works fine for me. Welcome to the forum.
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