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Question My New Betta is not eating anymore

Hi, I just recently got a New Betta my old one died a while ago... .
But I've only had him a week and he was eating twice a day 2-3 pellets each time. Once in the morning and once around dinner time. He is a beautiful red Betta, and have named him Hercules. He was doing spectacular until recently. He was swimming happily and eating well. There weren't any bubble nets that I could see because he has a air pump in this tank from petsmart:
The tank was nice and roomy for him he was very happy. And well now.. he isn't eating.. I know Bettas can fast for a day. But he just isn't eating. He started eating good and then he will now just take the pellet and spit it out and try again.. then give up.. I'm not sure what's wrong. He also has been swimming in one direction darting sort of in a circle since the tank is round.. which is strange too. I am going to call the petsmart soon. If you have any help.. please let me know. Thank you.
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He could be getting used to his surroundings. 2Gs is great for a betta, but I've heard that the air pump was either too strong for the betta or it got really stressed out from it. 99% of the time, the employees at pet stores are wrong and tell you something ridiculous, so I doubt they'd help you. Bettas can go without food for weeks, so don't panic. Do you have a heater for the tank? They need at least 76-82 degrees F. If bettas are too cold, they become lethargic and sometimes won't eat.
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Alright, that's good. I Don't run the air pump all the time. Not at night and while I'm at school. Its on and off... and I've figured out how to make the air not come in so strong by bending the cord. But yes I know that and have experienced it too. They can? well he isn't expandinghis fins all the way either like he used to. Its not strange that he is darting in circles? I'll have to check the temperature... but my room is quite warm. Thanks for your advice. :]
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If your room is like 75 degrees the water would actually be like 70-71. Just get a heater its well worth the money and they stress of you AND your fish. Theres a pad at petco//petsmart that you can stick under the gravel and it will keep the temperature up. I use one for my 1 gal hospital and the tank stays at 80-81
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new betta, not eating

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