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Ooooooops..........Bought Pregnant Shrimp!

Have a 5 gallon w/a male betta, a male ghost shrimp and 4 live plants. Wanted to get two more.

Went to LFS and asked for two large Ghost Shrimp, not knowing that the large ones were females! Wound up with two and one (if not both) pregnant! When I looked at the shrimp closer, it did seem like the one had eggs in it. I asked the Petsmart fish/aquarium clerk if they were females and pregnant and her response was "heck, I don't know". We bought them anyway. After putting them into tank, I could definitely see that they were bigger than the one we had in there. Within one day, we had a baby ghost shrimp swimming around! Lucky for us, our male betta pays virtually no attention to any of these shrimp.

So, the one female shrimp was taking up a lot of the space where our betta likes to swim and my wife didn't like that. He would just swim around it, she wanted it taken out. So, wound up taking both of the females out. Now have one male and a baby in the tank AND, now that we know the difference between male and female, will buy another male.

Since this tank is only a 5 gallon, and we feed the very small Hikari Betta Bio-Gold pellets along with a "now and then" small piece of frozen Bloodworm or brine shrimp, there is very little food waste for these shrimp to eat. Because of this, I drop a flake of fish food in every few days for food.

One thing FOR SURE............we didn't want a tank full of ghost shrimp and, since our betta ignores them, we'd end up with quite a few ghost shrimp. My wife distinctively told me "no way"!!

Have you ever bought a pregnant fish, be it a Ghost Shrimp or something else and didn't want that?
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I bought a pile of red cherry shrimp in Jan 2013 for their own tank. They bred a few times and it was fun to watch the babies grow up! However, in order to see an end to the volume I sold my females (and unfortunately, during a cold spell I lost the others) until I had 4 males left.

From my understanding, they will control their own population based on food available. I stopped feeding my shrimp back in Spring 2013 and they find their own. They eat their shed skin, biofilm (I found the babies favored the biofilm the most)and scavenged on whatever else they could pick up in live plants etc.. I stopped feeding because the ammonia rose too much for my liking and I found them generally messy.

There is a HIGH possibility that if you spotted 1 baby shrimp then within the coming days you will see the rest. A female shrimp "fans" her babies off her belly when they're hatching so some half-opened eggs get kicked into the substrate sometimes. They have large clutches usually too. Don't worry just wait until you can distinguish the sexes and then sell the females back to petsmart for credit.

I still have 4 males. They are wandering around my 20 gallon. They are no longer shy and they sometimes tickle the frogs with their antennae :P
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