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Possibly Fin Rot??

I posted something a few days ago ("Betta Rescue...Question") about a betta that belongs to another teacher at my school that I've been trying to help.

Well, it lived in about 2 cups of water in a tiny covered dish since August, and its water had NEVER been changed since then. So I put him in a 1 gallon aquarium that the teacher bought (not great, but better than what he had). When I first put him in there, I noticed that his tail was funny looking on the end (kinda kinked on the ends) so I thought he might have some kind of fungus. I treated his water with Stress Coat before putting it in the aquarium and I added some salt to his aquarium. I have changed half of his water every day for a week and have kept salt in his aquarium. On Sunday he looked much better (brighter colors, swimming around, no change in his tail). I took him back to school yesterday so that she could take him home. Well, she didn't take him yesterday, so he was still in my classroom today for me to take care of. I didn't mind at all...I like him! However, this afternoon when I looked at him, his tail no longer had kinks in the end of it, now it looks shredded!! Does he have fin rot?? I have posted some pictures. I know they're not that great, but it's the best I could do. Before today, his tail was not shredded looking, but just had kinks at the end (which I read later that a build up of ammonia can cause) but today it looks horrible!!! What should I do?!?! I know he's not mine, but I feel like I should try to help him before she takes him home. Obviously she doesn't know the best ways to take care of him since she kept him in that tiny dish for so long. Any advice you have would be great. Oh, he does not have a heater

Let me just add that I read the directions for the tiny cup that she had the fish in. It was called tiny ecosystem or something...i don't remember the name. the directions made me furious! it said not to change the water but every 6 months (if you need to at all) and that the gravel would keep the water completely healthy for the fish. ?!?! grrr!
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well i cant really tell from the pic but it could be 3 things 1: he may have ripped them on something 2: he could have fin rot and 3: it could be tail biting i would watch him to see if he bites his fins and treat him with aquarium salt
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Thanks! I don't think he ripped it on anything because he only has a bamboo plant in there and that big rock that you see in the picture. I'm sorry the pictures are so crummy, but I just couldn't get a better one. And of course he wouldn't hold still! :) So I'm thinking either fin rot or tail biting, too. I have a tail biter at home and his doesn't look stringy like this one at school....can they look stringy if they are biting them??
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he looks like a tail biter to me. You can usually tell fin rot by black edges on the fin. I would just try clean water, aquarium salt, and high temps for 10 days to see if it gets better.
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I've been keeping his water clean and putting aquarium salt in, but he has no heater :( I would buy him one if he was mine....
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