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To anyone who uses a sponge in their filter- And some bacteria bloom!

I recently (or rather, about a week now) put in a sponge to gather some of the beneficial bacteria for when I upgrade (which, sadly, isn't soon).
The sponge is directly in the filter, and in terms of filtering in the filter, it "comes after the actual filter-cartridge" (just say if you don't understand :))

I was checking on the sponge, and so far the color is fine, but when I touched it, frankly, it felt disgusting and grimey. Of course, it could just be me, but is it suppose to be this way, or should I rinse it out? (with old tank water, i promise)

As for bacteria bloom, I did have a recent case lately, not TOO bad. BUt i had it twice. THe first time, it went away as normal. I waited for about 3-4 days to change water, but the bloom came back. (And it went away again). I've read that the bacteria bloom takes/uses a lot of oxygen, which is what comes in new water / waterchanges. So I'm worried, WHEN can I start changing out my water again?? And/or what can I use to control the bacteria bloom? I'm cutting back on feeding, which I thought was the initial problem, but now, I'm not so sure.

I don't have an API master test kit, which I KNOW I need, but I simply cannot afford it. Hint, I can't drive either, so some people just don't want to pay that much for it.....

5 Gallon, divided tank, filtered, heated at 77*F, had for one month, use bits of aquarium salt (not full dose)

I feed flakes, pellets, and freezedried blood-worms.
In order of usage : Freezedried, pellets, flakes.

Thanks a bunch :)
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