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Tinthalas Tigris
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Reintroducing a sorority after a break

For reference, please skim the following thread over in emergencies/disease:

My 8 bettas are all living in separate bowls, and in about 2 or 3 more days, I will need to re introduce at least two back into the main 10 gallon tank with the one scout that is currently residing there.

My bettas are all female. I have them in small 2 pint containers next to eachother right now, and as they've been nursed back to health, they have come to familiarity with eachother between divisions of their glass, and have been known to flare at eachother virtually non-stop.

I need advise for several things.

1) Should I put the 3 weakest bettas together in the aquarium? These 3 have never flared at eachother, or any of the other bettas. They are definitely the youngest runts in the sorority, and if I choose to put the three of them together, I think they might have the elast chance of fighting eachother. They are each three the last to heal from their ailments, and I feel that in the bigger 10 gallon tank, the exercise might do them some good.

2) How should I get the feisty females to get back to docile mode? For roughly two weeks, they all lived together just fine, and however long before they were at the LFS together they didn't have any problems, either. I figured a good way would be to take the three that are feistiest and sort of triangulate them together, so that they become more used to eachother's presence and calm down. However, i am afraid when these three go back into the tank, they might bully on the sick bettas still, as they won't be too used to them.

Your advise is greatly appreciated, and I probably will revisit this as far as ideas go.

Thank you, again.
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