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So heartbreaking

OMG!! So I had the day off, and since I am treating Spiderfish for ick, i called the company and found out i should also add another med into the water to prevent a 2nd infection where the ick is damaging him...well I decided to go around to some of the petstores from my childhood (haven't been to either in 20+ years)..thought it would be fun. I am investigating and learning more before making a larger aquarium downstairs...anyway..
First store Greenwood pets and plants, the bettas were in AWFUL conditions, in the darkest part of the store in tiny glass bowls, they wanted $11.49 for their delta bettas, had two of them and the one has totally eaten away his tail, he could of been such a beautiful fish! Water was turing brown in most of the bowls and they had so many It was so sad, I really am trying to decide if I should go and rescue the tailbiter.

Second store Pet vendor, the betas are in a strange contraption inside of tropical fish tanks, about 2inches wide (yes you read right!) they can only swim up and one tank the 2 bettas has a think white hair growing on them, they looked dead. So sad! I couldn't even believe it!
hird store Meijer grocery store: betas were literally in 2-3 inches of water couldn't even open up their fins

I think I am going to call greenwood and tell him that the fish I want is in bad shape and i will give him $6.00 for im...geez I don't need another fish!! the picture is what the betta fish's coloring and white (not the fish-took from a website) the other betta is a pretty red
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I think you can call animal cruelty on that and report it, not 100% sure but since they are basically being neglected and made to live in bad conditions you can probably do it since they are after an animal still.
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I'd would try to call someone or complain.
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Def. call to complain. The only reason to have those poor fish in horrible conditions is laziness. It's completely unnecessary!

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I saw a betta in just ONE INCH of water a while ago. (yes, I measured, because I was so shocked that someone could do that to an animal and think it was okay.) It was so heartbreaking, the poor guy looked like he had no life left in him, he just sat there with sad eyes... I wanted to buy him SO BAD. But I have literally no surface space at all for another betta, I'm cramped as it is with Freedy and the froglets. :c
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Meijers keeps theirs in about 2 inches of water.
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