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Old 02-07-2010, 07:45 PM   #1 
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My Betta is Dead (was "help with listless fish")

I did everything right. He was SOOOOO happy this morning. A perfect specimen. No bloats, no bulges, fins were beautiful, not a thing wrong with him. Then I change his water and he's dead within 4 hours.

Something obviously poisoned him....unless he died of being stressed out? Can that happen?

Someone on the other thread asked what my water conditioner was...they thought 1 tsp per gallon seemed like too much.

Here's what I have: Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus

It says "Shake well. Add 1 tsp (5ml) for every one gallon of temperature adjusted water."

I put 1 tsp in each of 3 one gallon water jugs. Then I only used 2 of the gallons for his 2.5 gallon tank, plus a little of the 3rd one. I had two castles for hiding, one plastic plant (I know those aren't the best, so I was going to replace it with live plants next week).

All I can think of is that he couldn't breathe, or something in the water was really bothering him. I really don't see how just a few extra drops of that conditioner would have done it, but maybe?

I am just SOOOO upset. I rescued him from a dirty tank, and now he's dead!

What in the world? I am just beside myself! :( :(
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I'm so sorry about your fish! You added conditioner so it couldn't be from chlorine. Was the water really cold? You didn't clean the bowl with soap or any other cleaners, did you? Were any aerosols sprayed anywhere near the bowl or colognes or air fresheners? That's the only thing I can think of. I can't believe it either, that a perfectly healthy fish would die within a few hours.
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I just don't get it. I had two other betas that I took care of for three years (died before I found this site and found out how to take care of them). Something HAD to have gotten in that tank that I just didn't know about. I don't know what because I was so careful, but somehow something happened. I can't understand what would have killed him so fast.
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Old 02-07-2010, 07:54 PM   #4 
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There was no chemicals or soap used, no perfume or air fresheners (my mom is allergic and she lives with me).

I was having a bit of trouble with my cat wanting to play with the fish, but of course every time she got near the tank, I shooed her away. Even if a stray cat hair had gotten in, I don't think that would have done it. She wasn't being treated for anything.

The water was about 75 when I put him in...he was at 78, so I know that's a difference, but I didn't think it was THAT big a difference...

Something unbeknownst to me must have happened...that's the only thing I can think of...
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Aww, I'm so sorry that he passed :(

It is likely he died from the shock....that CAN happen. It was a pretty big shock probably, tap and 'drinking water' usually are very different chemical composition-wise....his body just couldn't handle the stress from the shock probably :/ Thats all I can think of.....I'm terribly sorry.
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