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Food, lodging & entertainment?

I've now had my 1st betta for a whole week. The 1 gal tank is ok for a start, but I'm already itching to upgrade. I've been monitoring the water daily with those dip strips, doing 50% water changes every other day, & did a full change today. Time for questions:

1) How much should I be feeding him? I've got Hikari Betta Bio-Gold baby pellets & have been giving him 4 pellets every evening. He gobbles them up immediately. I give only 1 at a time & wait for about 10 seconds after he eats one before dropping the next. It takes about a minute for him to finish. He'd eat faster if I let him! After the 4th he seems to still be looking for more. Am I giving him enough? Can I give him more, or perhaps fewer pellets 2x a day?

2) Bought dried bloodworms for a treat. How many should I give him at a time? Assume they'd be instead of his usual food. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

3) Bought a mirror to float every so often. Have put it in the tank for a few minutes several times. He is totally uninterested - seems far more intrigued with any movement in the room, especially when I come anywhere near his tank. Is that normal?

4) This really belongs on a different area, but I thought it would be ok to put all my questions together. After reading these forums I knew the tank I had would be too small (only 1 gal). Heater is a Hydor 7.5w, maintaining the tank between 78-81 (depending on time of day & whether incandescent light is on). No filter currently. He seems happy & healthy, but I'm already looking to upgrade the tank. Space restriction: 16"w x 16"h x 12"d. Would greatly appreciate advice on what I should get for my new friend (tank, accessories, food, test kit, what meds to have on hand - the works!). I want him to be with me for a long time!

5) Anything I've missed to make his life happy?

Thank you all for your encouragement and advice!
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You should probably feed him twice daily 2-3 pellets at a time. Re-hydrate the blood worms and only give him like 2 or 3. Less if they are large.

Some bettas won't flare at mirrors... try holding different objects up to see which he flares at.

With your dimensions you could easily have an eclipse 3 or a hex 5 gallon aquarium.. you may even be able to fit a standard 5 gallon but I'm not totally sure. Make sure you have a liquid test kit (API Master is the best), the only med you should really need is aquarium salt to use sparingly. Lots of plants are a must. A nice low flow filter will help aerate the water.

If you have a mom and pop fish store around you see if they have any live foods you can buy.. your fish will go gaga over them and its fun to see them 'hunt'. You don't have to feed live everyday but once a week is really nice.
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Good advice, 1fish. I also recommend the API freshwater master test kit.
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