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Problems with our bettas...

I posted a few days ago about my girlfriend and mines betta that had not been eating and acting kinda funny. well girlfriend went out of town this weekend for a few days (left friday came back sunday) and before she left we fed both of the bettas we have and cleaned both tanks and when she came back the one that wasnt acting right was dead. we talked to the people at Petco and they said it could have been from bloat or dropsy but were not sure exactly what it was. well we decided to get another betta that day and after cleaning everything from the tank out thoroughly we put the betta in the tank. at first she seemed happy and swam around getting use to the new tank but then after the first night she started acting exactly the same way the other fish did. she wont eat..if anything she puts the pellets in her mouth and spits them out and sits at the top of the tank all day and doesnt move. my betta as well has stopped eating even though he has been fine the whole week and a half we have had him. is there anything we might be doing wrong? the water is always around 78-80 and the tanks are filtered. we were told that bottled spring water from walmart is good but could that be the reason they are all getting sick?

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Okay first of all I would not resort to spring water unless you are on well water, etc (and even then it would be cheaper to simply run your water through a Brita pitcher before adding to the tank).

How big exactly is the tank and how often are you cleaning it? How much water do you change?

Is their poop whitish or stringy?

Try crushing the pellets... sometimes when pellets are too big bettas will spit them out in an attempt to break them up.
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Both tanks are 1 gallon filtered and we have been cleaning them 100% every week and a half. the female betta is small and her poop is stingy and whitish and the male is larger and his poop looks normal. the betta that died was also the same. we were told that the spring water would be better to use because where our college is the water isnt very good and is usually hard and not too clean and more acidic then most water..sadly. we have also been crushing up the food and they still dont really go after it.

we are going to try to fast them for a couple days to see if that will help any. we think it might be dropsy but the female hasnt become bloated or anything but the male has and has started turning white on his stomach up towards his head. the female that died also didnt bloat either so we are not too sure what it could really be
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Try different food. For the female get some Hikari Micro pellets.

My females wont eat anything but that and blood worms.

My Crowntail male wont eat anything but blood worms... I gota find the food that he likes because thats not going to work lol.
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thanks synthisis ive read on here that a lot of bettas prefer the Hikari pellets. we ll have to pick some up this weekend. and the male was eating the pellets we have and the flakes he just stopped eating all the sudden. im hoping us fasting then the next day or two will help them and they ll start eating soon.
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