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Getting my first soon!


Well Ive been around for a little while now and feel i have learned enough to take on my first Betta. Ive been to Pets@Home (chain store) And my LFS 'Pet-Aqua-spectacular' And have seen some, they both had some lovely fish. The Local LFS has 2 females with guppies i believe, And just one male in around a 600ml tank that isn't heated but was under some red lamps hidden away in an almost drawer ... was not impressed by that, i Thought they were ill fish before i was educated in Betta's because you cant really see in enough to see what breed they were, So i just ignored them, but now i know they sell them i think i may get mine from there. 4.99 for a male. Pets@Home have 2 males in there own tanks that were about 10gallons, i was happy to see this as Ive seen the cups they keep Betta's in in the US where most of you are from and i feel its better to have less variety than a whole host of ill fish.

At the moment i have a 40Gallon with 2 fancy goldfish and 2 commons, Slightly overstocked but they have 2 filters. An African dwarf frog tank with 3 in, ive had these for 9 years and there still going strong! And my recently purchased White cloud minnows, I love these little fish, at the moment i have a school of 8 in a 5 gallon, but im upgrading this weekend as i was never supposed to have them, but i kind of took them by impulse since my friend was moving 200 miles away and couldn't take all his fish so offered me them. Once i get them a 10g the Betta will be kept in the 5 with a heater and filter.

Anything else you guys feel i should know before i take on a betta? I like to know what im getting when i buy any pets. Wether i get a male or female is undecided at the moment, I guess i'l see what i like when it comes to buying.

Will it be okay to use the minnows water to house the betta as it is already cycled and has been running for a few months?

Thanks alot!
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I think using the minnow cycle tank will be fine as long as they didnt have any diseases. IMO I have waaay more fun with the females. You can buy em smaller and when they are smaller they are nicer when you introduce em to other fish and over the time they stay nice (my girl is doing this at least lol. She actually swims with the other fish and eats with them) And you can keep more than 1 girl together which you cant with a male. In a 5 gal though i wouldnt do anything other than keep just 1 betta in there.
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Few bacteria live in the water, and therefore using water to 'cycle' a tank does next to nothing. You can however seed the betta's filter media by stuffing a used piece for filter media in with it.
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