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Old 02-14-2010, 02:05 AM   #1 
Tinthalas Tigris
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My bettas are little PIGGIES!

10 gallon, with 5 bettas, 5 harlequin rasboras, one molly, one ghost shrimp.

Doesn't matter how I decieve them, those bettas chase down every particle of food I try to drop over to my rasboras and molly.

I will ussually start by deciving the bettas with their pellets, one at a time, and then with my other hand drop flakes right above the rasboras. and a wafer down to the molly (she really likes those).

Never fails, however. As soon as the rasboras realize what I'm doing, and send their "Scout" (as i've come to call him), the bettas know what is up and are having a frenzy on the flakes.

They get gorged and I have to stop feeding them altogether. (Has anyone seen a betta explode, I don't want to be the first, or last). They look like plump little grade-school bullies who've grabbed way too many twinkies from unsuspecting second graders!

The funny thing is that after Molly gets going on her wafer, and the ghost shrimp comes around to get his, the bettas come down and decide they have an interest in the wafer as well! They'll pick at it, lift it up, carry it around, drop it on the ground... they just don't want to let the shrimp or the molly have even a third as much food as them.

I think I'm going to start (man it'll be alot of extra work) putting each of the ladies in cups and feed them each in turns. Otherwise they're going to run into serious health problems.
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Old 02-14-2010, 09:40 AM   #2 
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A lot of people have problems with this when they have other fish in the tank. You can get breeder traps and float them in that or like you said, cup them when it's feeding time.
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Old 02-14-2010, 10:53 AM   #3 
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My guppies beat my boy sky to the food all the time, I have to wait til he sees me to drop in his food so I know he gets it..weird about it being the other way around.
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